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Ensonga za Kabaziguruka: Ab’eby’okwerinda tebannamuweeza

Poliisi n’abebyokwerinda abalala olweggulo lwaleero bazeemu okwaza amaka g’omubaka wa Nakawa Michael Kabaziguruka eyakwatiddwa olunaku lweggulo.

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Uganda seeded in port four ahead of the 2018 World Cup Qualifier Group draws

Uganda seeded in port four ahead of the 2018 World Cup Qualifier Group draws

By Robert Kayindi James

The Uganda national football team, the Cranes have today been seeded in port four ahead of the 2018 World Cup qualifiers groups draws. According to reports, the group draws will be held on June 24th, 2016.

In port four, Uganda is along with Zambia, current Group D opponents of the 2017 AFCON qualifiers Burkina Faso, Gabon, Guinea and Libya.

Five groups consisting of four teams each will be formulated and the leader from each group will qualify for the 2018 FIFA World Cup that will be held in Russia.

Here are the full port seedings;

Pot 1: Algeria, Cöte d’Ivoire, Ghana, Senegal and Tunisia

Pot 2: Cape Verde, Egypt, Congo DR, Nigeria and Mali

Pot 3: Cameroon, Morocco, Guinea, South Africa and Congo

Pot 4: Uganda, Burkina Faso, Zambia, Gabon and Libya

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Emivuyo e Kasese: Abakulira obusinga balabudde poliisi

Emivuyo e Kasese: Abakulira obusinga balabudde poliisi

Kino kidiridde okutibwa kw’omu ku bagambibwa okuba omukuumi w’omusinga

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Abalwanirizi bbe ddembe ly’obuntu bavumiridde eky’abakulembeze okukuba abantu embooko

Bano bagamba nti abakulu bano basaana okugoberera amatteeka.

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9 Signs You Have Found The Right Woman

9 Signs You Have Found The Right Woman

Do you think you’ve found the right woman? Here are nine things to check to be sure you’re right.

1. Do you trust each other?

Trust is the MOST IMPORTANT thing to consider when deciding if you have found the right partner. If you don’t trust each other completely, you might as well walk away right now. Do not pass Go. It will never get easier than it is in the beginning of a relationship. You should both be honest with each other because you have mutual respect. If you find yourself worrying when she goes out with her friends or calling to ask where she is, there is no trust there.

2. Do you have compatible lifestyles?

Are you a vegan and your partner is a meat eater, or vice versa? Do you love to hike every Sunday and your partner would rather stay in to watch movies? While neither of these lifestyles is inherently better than the other, having vastly different ideas of how to live your lives will ultimately spell trouble. This isn’t really a matter of learning how to split your Saturdays. This is a matter of core beliefs and values that are not aligned. You’ll be much better off choosing a partner who shares your lifestyle.

3. Do you learn from each other?

Life is a massive journey—and that journey is a lot more interesting and enjoyable if you share it with someone who can teach you new things. You don’t need to be with a professor for your partner to open your eyes to new ways of thinking. Couples who learn from one another have more to talk about and a more diverse life.

4. Do you have similar financial beliefs?

They say your economic and religious backgrounds are the two most important contributors to compatibility. If you are a saver and your wife or girlfriend is a spender (or vice versa), it’s not necessarily a deal breaker. In fact, it may be better to have two different views of money than to have two crazy spenders or two penny-pinchers; but you shouldn’t be on opposite sides of the spectrum. Make sure you can talk openly about money in a respectful way and that you can work together to save for the important things in life.

5. Do you laugh together?

You don’t need to find a comedian, but a sense of humor can go a long way toward a happy relationship. If you’re with the right woman, she’ll be able to cheer you up when you’re having a crappy day, and she’ll be able to let the little things go. Couples who have been married for decades frequently cite a sense of humor as the secret ingredient to a happy marriage.

6. Do you want the same things?

Have you discussed your long-term goals? When you are with the right woman, your goals will align. You will both lean into the other to create a shared vision for your future. If you have some variations in your vision, that’s okay. But if one of you is unwilling to bend on your dreams to compromise for the other, then that’s a problem.

7. Is it easy?

So often, you hear songs or watch movies that glamorize the rocky beginning of a relationship. Maybe it’s filled with drama and passion. It can be tempting to view this crazy drama as a sign that you’re just so in love. But really, it’s a sign that you should probably walk away.If the beginning of a relationship is difficult, the rest of it will only be worse. The right woman will make your life easier. You will enjoy your time together, you will talk openly, and you won’t ever feel that “love/hate” dynamic.

8. Do you get along with each other’s friends and families?

Your friends and family aren’t going anywhere. How is the dynamic between your girlfriend and your mom, or between her and your best friend? While it’s okay for them to not be best friends, no good can come from your mom hating your girlfriend (or vice versa). Your friends and family have stood by your side for a long time. If your girlfriend clashes with them, it’s going to be a very rocky relationship.

The same is true of your relationship with her friends. If you think her best friend is the worst, it’ll eventually cause a problem.

9. Do you love her exactly as she is?

People don’t change. Or rather, they are capable of change, but only when they decide to change on their own terms.

If you love your girlfriend a lot but wish she was smarter, kinder, less chatty, more tidy, etc., then that dissatisfaction will only grow. This doesn’t mean you have to love every single annoying habit, but it does mean you have to accept it and be able to live with it forever. Likewise, she should feel the same about your quirks and habits.

When you find the right woman, everything else in your life will become easier. If you have problems at work, she’ll walk you through them. If you want to make some big life changes, she’ll support you. If you experience a tragedy, she will let you cry on her shoulder. The right partner makes the entire journey of life a lot less rocky. So, choose your partner wisely. It is easily the most important decision you will ever make.

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Ssali yali omu ku abo abatuuka ku mpaka z’ekikopo ky’Africa ezakamalirizo ezaali e Ghana

Paul Ssali teyakoma kukwata goolo kyoka, wabula atendese n’omupiira mu ttiimu omuli KCCA ne She Kobs. Tags: SportsFootball

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7 Tips On How To Resolve Arguments In Your Relationship

Arguments and discussions can happen to any couple, but not many people know how to handle them and how to successfully resolve tensions and quarrels, avoiding emotional damage and offences. Arguments, sometimes, are inevitable, but, if you want to know how to resolve them quickly, these relationship tips might be useful:

1) Avoid shouting at your partner

When you argue, it’s absolutely unnecessary to shout. Shouting is very damaging and destructive, it can damage and, even, ruin loving relationship that you’ve been building for a long time. If, for some reason, you couldn’t avoid arguing, then, try to just talk about the problem and discuss it with your other half. I’m sure your partner has good hearing abilities, shouting is unnecessary.

2) Never lose sight of love and respect

When you argue with your partner, remember that you argue with the person you deeply love, therefore, act accordingly. Never allow yourself to insult or humiliate your partner, because these emotional wounds might, actually, never heal. Love and respect your partner at all times, even when you argue.

3) Don’t argue about multiple problems at the same time

Often, while arguing, partners start to mention things from long time ago, they mix it all together, making small argument grow into something big. Therefore, if you hold something against your partner, take some time and talk about it, but discuss only one problem at a time. This tip will help you resolve arguments a lot easier and quicker, avoid relationship problems and protect your love.

4) Forgive and forget quickly

Never go to sleep holding an offence against your partner, if you want your relationship to last and be happy. Don’t let arguments and quarrels ruin all the beauty of your relationship, instead, discuss things, lean to forgive and forget and move on…

5) Remember your priorities

Know your priorities and remember them, even, when you argue…What is more important for you – an argument, the fact of always being right or your relationship? If your relationship is your priority, then, keep this thought in mind at all times and never let an argument become bigger, stronger and more important, then your love toward your other half.

6) Know how to say “I’m sorry”.

Accept the fact that you aren’t always right. To acknowledge that we are wrong is one of the most difficult things to do, especially, when we argue. To say “I’m sorry”, sometimes, seems impossible. But remember, at the end of the day, it’s ok to be wrong sometimes! What is more powerful – arrogance or kindness? What is more important – an argument or love? Know how to say “I’m sorry”, learn to find compromises, remember that love, kindness and happy relationship are more important, than the impulsive desire to be always right.

7) Always end your arguments with hugs and kisses

At the end of the day, your partner is one of the most important people in your life. You don’t want to build the wall of indifference and offense between the two of you. In order to clear up uncomfortable feelings and emotions after your argument, finish up your discussion by hugging and kissing each other. Release and let go all the negativity and nourish your love instead. Your partner is not your enemy, even when you argue, remember this.

And finally, of course, arguments and discussions can happen to everyone, but knowing how to intelligently resolve them and how to protect your relationship from falling apart, can help preserve the paradise of your love and keep your relationship healthy.

Stay happy and cherish your love!

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How To Pull Out Of A Horrible Date Without Coming Off As Rude

When going out for a date, it’s best to go in with an open mind and have a backup plan in the event that things go awry.

This is because the person you are most likely going out on a first date with may appear normal but could turn out to be a crazy person.

Here are subtle and guaranteed tips of pulling out from a horrible date without offending the person you’re out with.

Wait Till You’ve Placed An Order
OK. You’re sure you want to back out of the date the moment you walked into the mall or restaurant to meet up with them. If you choose to turn around, chances are your date will take note of what you’re about to do and you will appear ridiculous. Obviously, you’ve taken a quick glimpse at your date and you just want to back out. Doing so is rude even if you feel there’s no form of physical attraction between you both. After all, you did get attracted to them in the first place for you to agree to a date with them. You can stay and place an order and see how it goes before deciding to leave, can’t you?

Tell Them You Don’t Feel Well

The best time to tell your date you don’t feel well is after you’ve had a few bites of the meal you ordered at a restaurant or when you’ve watched the movie you booked to see at the cinemas for some minutes. You can let your date know that you’re not feeling good and that the food or movie just made you feel more nauseous. Your date may think you’re unbelievable but you can always apologise and tell them that you’d love to avoid any untoward situation.

Say You Forgot About Something Important
You can simply take a peek at your phone and exclaim “Oh! I completely forgot to _____. My neighbour just reminded me. Sorry, but I have to leave now.” You can offer to pay for the outing and take your leave. There’s no need to allow them convince you to reschedule the date, it’s best to tell them you’d keep in touch.

Work Needs You
You can tell your date that there’s a task only you are assigned to and you have to get it done since there’s a deadline the next day. This helps to take the blame away from you especially since it is work related. You can also apologise while telling them the task will likely earn you your bosses’ approval or promotion at work.

Set up A Time Frame
If within the first few minutes you decide that you want to leave early, tell them you only have little time to spare. You can say “I’m sorry I won’t be spending more than 30 minutes. I forgot I had a prior commitment and I didn’t want to cancel.” You may sound forgetful but it is a polite way of getting yourself out of a date while making them feel you wanted to stay.

Get Your Friends To Gatecrash
If all the options fail to work, place a call across to your friends and have them crash your date. Your date probably won’t know and you can always appear innocent of what your friends are doing.

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Eddy Kenzo is among top ten African artistes on Spotify

Eddy Kenzo continues to hoist the Ugandan flag high globally. This is after Kenzo’s 2014 smash hit “Sitya Loss” made it to the top 50 songs on Spotify.

Sitya Loss is number six on the recently launched African Heat playlist on the Swedish commercial music streaming, podcast, and video service.

The African Heat playlist was launched to meet the needs of Spotify’s increasing users from the African continent as well as to connect with music and sound from Africa.

The list is dominated by songs from Nigerian singers including D’Banj, Davido, Wizkid, Tiwa Savage, and P-Square among others.

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Ab’e Busia ebiku bibabunya obufo

Abantu mu town council y’e Busia baagala olutalo amagye lwegaggula ku bikku mu Kampala balutwale n’ewaabwe. Tags: Busia

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