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M7 Minister Bagiire Feared Poisoned

M7 Minister Bagiire Feared Poisoned

M7 Minister Bagiire Feared Poisoned

Youthful Energetic Crippled by Kyanjo-like illness

By Our Reporters

Museveni’s state minister in charge of works and transport Aggrey Bagiire (who is also Bunya County MP) has lost his speech abilities and is confined at home for bed rest having recently returned from hospital in South Africa.

Reliable family sources revealed to us last night that the energetic minister can hardly make any intelligible speech as his throat area and tongue are swollen leaving him in dire pain.

“He was diagnosed with something very complex around the neck area and doctors say his throat is blocked and has a big mass of flesh around it making talking and breathing almost impossible,” said reliable family sources.

Bagiire, who has many political enemies both at home and nationally in Kampala, is feared to have been a victim of enemy poisoning as he stepped on many toes in his previous positions. Bagiire has previously been State Minister of Agriculture and was also chairing the NAADS/OWC BOD until last year February when he was re-elected to Parliament.

In his current station, the workaholic minister has greatly been involved in the SGR project which will cost trillions of money from the tax payer. There are concerns Bagiire, in his patriotic style, has been very hard on the Chinese groups which are supposed to fund the Standard Gauge Railway (SGR) project with a loan to the GoU.

“He has been very strong in the negotiations insisting on the best value for money for the people of Uganda at every opportunity,” says a source close to him in the works sector.

His inquisitiveness has uncomforted many heavyweights in the SGR project management and at Finance Ministry who are used to negotiating bad deals for the country. One of the last tasks he carried out at office two weeks ago concerned a long media statement he authored clarifying on the SGR after MPs had raised dust claiming the cost had greatly been exaggerated to rip off the tax payer.

Bagiire had previously actively participated in investigations that resulted into the knifing of CAA MD Makuza. CAA is among the many sub dockets he directly supervises as State Minister for transport. In all these clean up exercises, fearless Bagiire is feared to have stepped on many toes hence his current predicament. Sources say, like ex-Makindye West MP Hussein Kyanjo who for years has suffered the same condition, Bagiire needs prayers.

HAM NOT WELL: In a related development, controversial city property developer Hamis Kiggundu is also not well health-wise. On Friday, snoops shared a lift with him as he retired from his Makerere Ham Tower offices.

“Guys I’m really dying. Some people have told me to try mama Fiina for some spiritual cleansing in case some of the Park Yard vendors have bewitched me but I have refused. I’m a Muslim and I will rather die than go to shrines,” Ham told two aides as he unknowingly shared the lift with a stranger who happened to be our snoop.

The aides asked him for more elaboration and he explained as follows: “Every other day I’m increasingly finding it hard to breathe or even swallow saliva. I have a strange inflammation. At first I thought it as allergy but I have carried out numerous tests in vain. Some doctors say its sinuses [ENT] for which I have taken medication for months to no avail. I think I’m going to seek better treatment in South Africa after this Easter break.”

Ham’s confession of ill health seemed to have broken his aides who looked very scared saying “we still need you boss and can’t lose you this soon.”

Clearly as he walked to his white Mark X car, Ham was evidently in pain as he kept bending and leaning onto his aides for physical support.

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Treated Mosquito Nets Unsafe – Report

Treated Mosquito Nets Unsafe – Report

Treated Mosquito Nets Unsafe – Report

Researchers in Kenya say that treated mosquito nets that are widely used in East Africa are not safe and could cause asthma and cancer in infants and young children, the Daily Nation reports.

Its research says that the use of synthetic insecticides contains particles that don’t break down easily.

Dr Festus Tolo, head of Natural Product Research and Drug Development Programme at the Kemri institute says they are working on a natural substitute:

We are looking for a way of coming up with natural extract from pyrethrum to make safe insecticides and even use them in making indoor residual sprays which are harmless”.

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Besigye Blocked from Visiting Dr Stella Nzanzi

Besigye Blocked from Visiting Dr Stella Nzanzi

Besigye Blocked from Visiting Dr Stella Nzanzi

By Serestino Tusingwire

Opposition stalwart Col Dr Kizza Besigye has today been blocked by Luzira prison officials from accessing his strong die-hard also a social activist, Dr Stella Nzanzi.

According to officials from Luzira Maximum prison where Nzanzi has been for nearly two weeks, they could not allow Besigye to check on her because Friday is not a visiting day for inmates and that they could only allow him if he could get clearance from above.

“We can only allow you inside if you get clearance from Prisons headquarters,” officials told Besigye.

After an incident, Besigye took to his twitter handle and said; “Tried and failed to visit Dr Stella Nyanzi, a Prisoner of Conscience, at Luzira Prison. My thoughts with her and her family.”

Dr Nyanzi is in Luzira on two counts including cyber harassment contrary to section 24 (1)(2)(a) of the Computer misuse Act 2011 and offensive communication contrary to section 25 of the Computer Misuse Act 2011.

This was after he allegedly insulted president Museveni on facebook by calling him ‘pair of Buttocks.’

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5 First Date Rules to Impress a Woman

5 First Date Rules to Impress a Woman

You may have the first date jitters, but when men follow just five simple rules, they are almost assured of a second date.

There is no magic to this. It’s just old-fashioned good manners, but in an era of anonymous e-mail, text messaging and voice mail, acting like a gentleman can really make a lady sit up and take notice. Phineas Mollod and Jason Tesauro, authors of “The Modern Gentleman: A Guide to Essential Manners, Savvy and Vice” and “The Modern Lover: A Playbook for Suitors, Spouses, and Ringless Carousers,” have created five first date rules designed to impress.

Rule No. 1: Dress with finesse.
Instead of just grabbing something out of the closet, think about it first. Choose something that is simple, but sophisticated. Clean helps, too. “If you accessorize to reflect your every interest, you can look like the decorated hood of a NASCAR racer. From your collection of LIVESTRONG yellow wristbands, boldly-patterned ties and quirky socks, pick one–and only one– attention-grabbing item before going out,” Mollod and Tesauro write in Happen magazine.

Rule No. 2: Perfect the proper greeting.
Pick your date up with a bouquet of flowers in your hand. Greet her warmly and place a slight, but lingering, kiss on her cheek. Never shake her hand. (This isn’t a business meeting, after all.) However, if her body language says, “Don’t you dare touch me!” then don’t you dare touch her. Do offer a sincere compliment. Like what? Mollod and Tesauro suggest these:

  • “You’re even lovelier in person” if you’ve met online.
  • “You’re even lovelier than I remembered” if you met in person.

Rule No. 3: Charm her with a bit of classic etiquette.

  • Hold the door for her.
  • Let her go first.
  • In the restaurant, give her the seat with the better view.
  • Stand when she leaves the table.
  • Escort her down the street so you are near the curb. That way you’re the one who gets sprayed with puddles from a speeding bus.

“Nowadays, dating is like job hunting, and a gracious sense of manners is a bonus skill that will increase your curb appeal,” insist Mollod and Tesauro.

Rule No. 4: Order with panache.
Remember that the main dish is your date, not the food. Take command in the restaurant. When the server appears and you’re not ready, just say, “We’re still looking, but please bring the spring rolls while we decide.” However, it’s too forward to order her entrée for her.

Rule No. 5: Bid her goodnight in grand style
Was it a delightful date? Go for a stroll and hold her hand. When you part, say something thoughtful. Mollod and Tesauro suggest, “What a marvelous time. I’d love to see you and your sweet smile again.” What about a kiss? “A successful first date is best capped off with a lip-to-lip smooch that neither lingers too long nor leaves too soon,” they write in Happen magazine. “Then, lean back and offer breathing room. If an encore is desired, body language will be crystal clear; otherwise, bid good evening and march away confidently…there will be a next time.”

Was the night a flop despite your gallantry? Then shake her hand or give her a brief hug. Tell her you had a nice evening and bid her good night. Don’t tell her you’ll call when you know you won’t.

Source: Mynewsgh.com

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Uhuru Kenyatta makes me feel helpless — musician Ray C admits crush on Kenyan President

Uhuru Kenyatta makes me feel helpless — musician Ray C admits crush on Kenyan President

Tanzanian musician Ray C has once again publicly admitted that she has a huge crush on President Uhuru Kenyatta.

The mellow-voiced lass was a guest on Radio Citizen’s Mambo Mseto on Wednesday where she expressed her desire to meet Kenya’s president and talk about a number of things.

But that’s not all. Ray C, who has been struggling with drug addiction for many years, also revealed that she becomes helpless someone mentions Uhuru’s name.

“If you just mention the name Uhuru Kenyatta, I become helpless,” she said as quoted by Edaily.

When pressed by Willy M. Tuva – the host of the show – to explain what would happen when she finally meets the him, the ‘Mama Nitilie’ hit maker said she’d ask him out.

“I will learn as much as I can from him. I will soon request for a dinner date, where he will advise on me on matters life. We’ll say two or three things to each other. I will look for him wherever he is. He is a nice guy. I can see he supports Kenyan artists to a detailed degree,” she said.

Notably, it’s not the first time that Ray C has said that Kenya’s Head of State is the man of her dream.

In July 2015, the award-winning singer put up a post on her social media pages saying she has a crush on Uhuru, adding that she dreams about him everyday.

Source: Mpasho.co.ke

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Court Halts Media Reporting on Kaweesi Murder

Court Halts Media Reporting on Kaweesi Murder

Court Halts Media Reporting on Kaweesi Murder

By Serestino Tusingwire

High court in Kampala has today issued an interim injunction barring journalists and media houses from running stories concerning last month’s gruesome murder of the former AIGP Andrew Felix Kawesi.

“An order is hereby issued against the Respondents and their agents from publishing any stories/information in as far as the murder of AIGP Andrew Felix Kaweesi until the main application is heard and determined,” court statement reads in part.

This website understands that court has set 21st August, 2017 as the date to hear the main application. This means no media house is allowed to publish any story about the late Kaweesi until then when court will determine whether to continue with the ban or chill it.

“The intention is to gag the media so that security agencies can get a breather and carry out their investigation with no pressure. Otherwise, I doubt that even the IGP himself is interested in the whole fight with the media,” court registra says in the statement.

It should be noted that IGP Kale Kayihura recently sworn an affidavit saying that continuous publication of these stories includes confidential internal correspondence amongst security agencies on the murder investigations of AIGP Kaweesi and that it is injurious to the ongoing investigations and more so bound to jeopardize the security of Uganda.

He therefore wanted court to ban Red Pepper and other online news sites that have continuously published stories concerning Kaweesi’s murder.

Unfortunately, the final ban affects the media at large and social media bandits.

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I want to make it to heaven — rapper Olamide

I want to make it to heaven — rapper Olamide

YBNL boss, Olamide Adedeji, aka ‘badoo’, has said that he fears God, adding that nothing could be greater than making heaven.

The rapper, who is known for profanity in his lyrics and music videos, leading to some of his songs being banned from airplay by the Nigerian Broadcasting Corporation, considers money, fame and material things as nothing but vanity.

The multiple award winner told Vanguard that the biggest achievement he craves is heaven.

“The biggest achievement in this world is seeing my people grow, everybody living good; everyone living fine, living their dreams and making heaven.

“Nothing is more important than making heaven; everything in this life is just jonzing, they don’t last long, nothing lasts forever,” he said.

Source: Dailypost.ng

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Fully Funded EPSRC Industrial CASE PhD Studentship at University of Cambridge in UK, 2017

Fully Funded EPSRC Industrial CASE PhD Studentship at University of Cambridge in UK, 2017

The University of Cambridge offering PhD studentships for UK/EU students. Successful applicants will work on the Toughening Non-metallic Materials by Inhomogeneous Elasticity under the supervision of Professor Bill Clegg. The aim of this project is to understand the limits of this behavior and […]

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Student Project Grants at Oxford Brookes University in UK, 2017

Student Project Grants at Oxford Brookes University in UK, 2017

The Oxford Brookes University offers Student Project Grants opportunities for the students who wish to undertake a community project. Grants are available for undergraduate and postgraduate students. The aims of the project grant are to support students that would not […]

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Sexy Nina Roz Scoops Ciroc Gig

Sexy Nina Roz Scoops Ciroc Gig

Sexy Nina Roz Scoops Ciroc Gig

Reliable information indicates that upcoming singer; Nina Roz is set to join Abraynz as the brand ambassador of Ciroc.

The pretty babe must have impressed her fans and different potential business partners that are considering her as the face of the brand.

She has been spotted on different Ciroc events and taking photo-shoots for the corporate liquor company.

It should be remembered that Abraynz was named the brand ambassador of this company last year a position that was also envied by another stylist Kim Swagga.

Abraynz, who is the owner of The Abraynz Collection, was unveiled at a glamorous event held at the posh Enkombe Place in October, last year.

He joined an impressive list of CÎROC ambassadors that includes names such as Diddy, Rick Ross, Banky W and D’Banj, influential talents that CÎROC has partnered with in recent years.

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