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Food prices soar a head of Christmas

Food prices soar a head of Christmas

Ugandans have to brace themselves to put food on the table following a rise in food inflation from 1.7 percent in November to 7.1 percent currently.
While announcing the monetary policy statement for December 2016 on Wednesday, Emmanuel Tumusiime Mutebile, the Governor of the Bank of Uganda (BoU), described the increase in food inflation as “huge”.
Mutebile said the pickup in inflation was largely due to poor weather conditions that have affected crop production. Many parts of Uganda have or are still experiencing dry spells, with famine reported in many areas. Agriculture in Uganda is still dependent on rain.
However, the Executive Director of Research and Policy BoU, Dr. Adam Mugume said there is no cause for alarm since the effects of drought on food production, will not last for long.
Some of the foods whose prices have gone up include maize flour, rice, beans, bananas, sweet potatoes, Irish potatoes, vegetables and cassava.

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Respect our sovereignty, Oulanyah rejects presidential term limits at ACP assembly

Rt. Hon. Jacob Oulanyah

Members of Parliament from Africa, the Caribbean and the Pacific have called for respect of their sovereignty in the pursuit of implementation of presidential terms limits.

The parliamentarians called for respect of the will of the people in the respective countries in deciding how they should be governed and not have influence from external forces.

These calls were made in the Committee of Political Affairs of the 44th Session of the African Caribbean and Pacific (ACP) Assembly that is sitting at the Kenyatta International Conference Centre in Nairobi, Kenya, Wednesday, 14th December 2016.

The Deputy Speaker, Rt. Hon. Jacob Oulanyah, who is leading the Uganda delegation said that the people in the respective countries should be left to take decisions themselves and not be dictated upon.

“What is constitutionality if there is no will of the people? Democracy is defined by those people. Circumstances dictate that there should or should be terms limits,” Oulanyah said.

The Deputy Speaker dismissed the assertion that sitting presidents cannot be removed through elections, citing Nigeria, Ghana and Gambia where there has been change through the ballot.

“This argument on incumbency is not sustainable. We have had presidents in Africa losing elections and leaving,” he said.

Oulanyah highlighted the lifting of terms limits in Uganda when he was the Chairperson of the Legal and Parliamentary Affairs Committee where there was extensive debate on the subject culminating in those for the lifting of terms limits winning the vote.

He advised the ACP member states to be independent when taking decisions on term limits.

“The day the ACP begins dancing to its own tunes is the day we will be independent. We are not parrots and we think clearly,” he added.

Hon. Louis Straker from St. Vincent and the Grenadines said the will of the people is expressed in their representatives in Parliament which representatives shape the constitution.

“The Constitution itself tells us how it should be amended. If a leader wants to extend their mandate, it should be spelt out in the Constitution on how it should be done,” he said. Straker added that Article 96 of the Cotonou Agreement stipulates sanctions against countries that go against the constitutional form in effect.

The Head of the Zimbabwe delegation, Hon. Daniel Shumba, called for deferment of the debate on term limits to allow the delegations consult with their governments back home.

“We need time to take national positions from our parliaments before we take these resolutions. These resolutions infringe on the sovereignty of ACP states,” Shumba said.

The Liberian delegate said that they are against Europeans dictating how they should govern themselves.

“How we behave is how our people have decided. We must not be dictated upon,” he said.

The ACP MPs were debating the amendments contained in the Motion for a resolution on constitutional limits on presidential terms that would be presented at the African Caribbean Pacific-European Union Joint meeting of the Committee on Political Affairs on Saturday, 17th December 2016.

The Uganda delegation to the Assembly also has Hon. Juliet Kinyamatama (Rakai), Hon. Wamanga-Wamai (Mbale Municipality) and Hon. William Nokorach (PWDs).

President Uhuru Kenyatta is expected to open the 32nd session of the African Caribbean Pacific-European Union Joint Parliamentary Assembly on Monday, 19th December 2016.

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Students debate Parliamentarians in House; reject privatization of prisons

A possible government move to privatize state prisons would enable prisoners enjoy much needed human rights, Members of Parliament have argued in a mock debate.

Supporting the Motion ‘Prisons should be privatized,’ MPs Hon. Herbert Ariko (FDC, Soroti Mun.), Hon. Anna Adeke (Ind., Youth), Hon. Beatrice Anywar (Ind., Kitgum Munic) and Hon. Mwine Mpaka (NRM, Youth) said privatized prisons would help improve the economy as inmates’ labour would be better utilized.

The mock debate pitting MPs against students from selected secondary schools, was organized by the National Debate Council in conjunction with the Parliament of Uganda, and was held in the Parliament Chamber on Wednesday 14th December 2016.

The debate was held ahead of the finals of the 7th National Schools Debate Championship, between Mengo SS and Mbarara High School, also held at Parliament today.

Hon. Mpaka said privatizing prisons would free up much needed resources for other sectors like education and health.

“There is over congestion in prisons, which is affecting prisoners’ health and human rights,” said Hon. Mpaka.

Hon. Anywar said that considering that prisons are meant for rehabilitation, private players would be better positioned to take on the role. She also said that innocent children were being incarcerated together with their mothers.

“Our prisons are congested and prisoners are not being treated like human beings,” said Hon. Anywar adding that “Private operators will give better services.”

Hon. Ariko said privately run prisons would better help inmates integrate into society at the end of their sentences.

Students however rejected the initiative, arguing that in doing so, government was running away from its mandate of keeping criminals out of the public eye in favour of profits. They disagreed with the proposal that prisoners need to enjoy the rights and luxuries that would be provided by private operators.

“Government has the mandate to look after prisons and prisoners under the Ministry of Internal Affairs. Government should not run away from its mandate,” said Bary Ainomugisha (Kitovu) adding that “There is no guarantee that private players will have the capacity of keeping terrorists and criminals in jail.”

Students argued that fighting crime was so risky to be put in private hands and argued that government rather addresses the issues leading to increased crime in the country.

“Government should also address corruption in the system that has led to terrible conditions in prisons,” said Abaasi Luyombo (Iganda SS).

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Hon Sam Kutesa meets UN Secretaries

Hon Sam Kutesa meets UN Secretaries

UN General Assembly and Minister of Foreign Affairs meet

At United Nations Headquarters 69th President of the UN General Assembly and Minister of Foreign Affairs meets with both outgoing and incoming UN Secretaries General Ban Ki Moon and Antonio Guterres after the oath-taking ceremony at the UN in NY.

Hon. Kutesa is in NY to attend the Central Emergency Response Fund fundraising events to drum up more adequate and sustainable support and necessary infrastructure to help Uganda’s fragile economy to effectively handle the refugee situation we are currently dealing with.

Uganda is hosting over 900,000 refugees and asylum seekers , from DRC, Somalia, Burundi and South Sudan, the highest recorded in our long history of offering asylum.

It is expected to top 1 million by year’s end.

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Video: X – Files from the village

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By Denis Wabuyi


When a jigger bites a person they will normally notice the itching in 2 days.

We then remove it, dip a feather into paraffin and put it where you removed the jigger.

Thereby you will have killed all the eggs that it may have laid. But when we did the same to Mukhwana, we could not see any jigger and yet she was feeling the itching.

Someone hinted on “ndunuka” but was given biting stares that meant “keep quiet, that is the worst.”


As we approach end of year, at least there is a circumcision going on everyday.

On a day where we are to circumcise more than one candidate on the same site, we follow the order of age with the elder being circumcised first.

However in case of your father being older then, you would go first even if am older than you.

If you’re twins, Mukhwana comes first. Thursday we have that scenario in the home of Watila.


Wenywa, Wanapwaka and Wesuta will be circumcised tomorrow on the same site, “Lusha” but their mothers hail from different areas.

We therefore drew a plan for them as follows: Being the grandson from the elder son of Watila, Wanapwaka has to go with the drummers (kadodi) to Buwabwala, Wenywa will go to Lwaboba and Wesuta to Khatwelatwela.

The coordination was that since the ones of Buwabwala are going farther, they should go first and be back by 5pm. They will then join the others from the centre and they come as a group to the sack “isawu”.


Everything went according to plan and being that he was the one with Kadodi, most followers “basinyisi” joined Wanapwaka.

We who have relatives in Khatwelatwela chose to accompany Wesuta and before sunset we were at the center waiting for the Wanapwaka group.

Seeing that they were taking long, we decided to look out for them and we met at Natsaki near Wapukunyanga. This group was moving very slowly that we thought they could not beat sunset.

While taking Wanapwaka we noticed that he was not as firm as his fellow candidates. We therefore made sure we left Wesuta and Wenywa at distance.

Surprisingly, Wanapwaka was circumcised while standing on one leg. In fact he scored 95 because he didn’t even blink while they were cutting him.

Wenywa blinked and was given 80 while Wesuta was almost thrown off balance when “umushebi” pulled him first time. He got 70. There are experts who award these marks at any circumcision ceremony.


As Christmas approaches the village is regaining life with all the town folk returning. I wonder who the towns belong to?

When a son or daughter of the village comes home from distant towns like Kampala and Jinja, they are expected to bring bread, sugar, salt, soap and the likes not only to their families but even neighbors.

He will be asked various times about town life, government, new medicine.

When living in town you should be knowing these things inconsiderate of what you do.

There’s that communalism and belief that any success to anyone’s daughter or son should be owned by the whole village.

Who doesn’t know that “it takes the whole village to raise an African kid”?


Silivia works from Kenya. She has a small body and there is a rumour that she may be having “silimu” as most women who work in Kenya have been known.

Because anyone who is not educated cannot have money to buy those things for her family and neighbors. But anyway she brings good things.

Things like bread are eaten once or times a year and when someone gives it to you, we normally share a small piece each and the rest is for mother and father for the next 5 days and maybe the last borns of Luteete.

Many times this bread goes bad but we just remove the coating around it and eat anyway.


Even the priest preaches with energy because he knows that our children are going to pay him very well.

The lay reader has even started visiting and praying for people.

The festive season is a moment of happiness and giving. Some women have started going back to their parents’ house.

You take for your mother sugar and salt then return with a very big banana and a cock for Christmas. It may not make sense but we enjoy exchanging gifts.

Till then, we shall keep you posted!

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Minister Betty Amongi is serving Team Uganda not Museveni – Hon. Akena

President Museveni, Hon. Jimmy Akena and Betty Amongi during their introduction

Lira municipality legislator Hon. Jimmy Michael Akena has again defended his wife Hon. Betty Amongi’s move to Museveni’s cabinet insisting that she is not serving NRM but the Ugandan government.

”My wife is serving the government, she is in Team Uganda not in the National resistance movement.” Said Akena.

While appearing on KFM Hot seat talk show on Monday, Akena added that it’s getting strong and preparing for the 2021 general elections.

“The future of UPC party is bright, we are establishing a strong foundations on village levels and we are getting set for the elections.” Akena confirmed.

Hon. Betty Among was appointed by President Museveni as a state minister for Agriculture a job that has put her on spot for executing the famous NRM mission ‘Kisanja Hakuna Mchezo.’

Hon. Jimmy Akena the son of former President Dr. Apollo Milton Obote also doubles Uganda People’s Congress party president.

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Massive discounts Of DSTV and GOTV Products on Jumia Market

As the festive season draws closer DStv and GOtv subscribers will now have an opportunity to purchase DStv and GOtv products at massive discounts on Jumia Market. The Zapper full kit is reduced down to UGX 115,000 compared to the retail price of UGX 130,000. Explora Decoders will be sold at UGX 254,000 from the retail offer of UGX 277,000 and the Explora full kit is reduced from UGX 389,000 to UGX 379,000 and GOtv at 85,500 shillings only.

Charles Hamya, General Manager MultiChoice Uganda stated ‘This is the season for merry making and we understand that Christmas is a time for togetherness. Our offer through the Jumia’s online marketplace is to enable customers to enjoy our world class offers at a massive reduction. We want all our potential customers to be immersed in the world of entertainment through our brand and channel offering which is why we have launched this campaign’.

The Zapper Decoder full kit includes one month on compact. The compact package has recently been enhanced with six new channels on the package including ROK, EVA+, ITV, TCM, B4U Movies, SuperSport 4. After the one month expires customers can continue enjoying this exciting bouquet at UGX 121,600 subscription per month.

Stacey Mwesezi, Jumia Market’s Marketing Manager added that ‘Jumia Market is Uganda’s largest online marketplace. We receive orders for all kinds of products during the festive season, as spending power increases. However, economically, it has been a tough year for many – and so we want our customers to enjoy the products they desire at more affordable prices. I urge our customers to take advantage of these offers while they can.’

The DStv and GOtv discounts are only available on Jumia Market (www.jumia.ug or via the Jumia Market mobile app), the products will be sold at the prevailing retail price through other outlets. The campaign ends on 31st December 2016.

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Sauti Sol jet in ahead of Guvnor’s Cîroc Frost party

Kenyan all-boy band Sauti Sol welcomed to Uganda by Guvnor PRO Natasha Kayondo ahead of the Ciroc Frost Party slated for this Thursday at Guvnor.

Kenyan all-boy band Sauti Sol jetted in this Wednesday afternoon ahead of the Cîroc Frost Party that is happening this Thursday December 15, at Club Guvnor. The party will be a celebration of Guvnor’s sixth birthday as the country’s premier entertainment spot.

“We are excited to be in Kampala again. It’s the festive season so prepare your dancing shoes,” the hit makers behind songs like Nerea, Live and Die in Afrika, Unconditionally Bae and Africa said on arrival at Entebbe Airport.

The Cîroc-sponsored party will kickoff at 9pm and will feature red carpet moments, with guests enjoying a range of Cîroc cocktails on arrival. Party-goers attending the event will also enjoy photo moments on the red carpet while a list of Guvnor’s experienced deejays will keep everyone on their feet before and after the performance by the Sauti Sol.

“Cîroc is for the drink for all celebratory moments. It is the drink for those living their dream. It leads the way in luxury and iconic celebration and we believe Guvnor, patronized by high achievers, is East Africa’s prime destination for luxury and entertainment,” said Ms. Annet Nakiyaga, UBL Luxury Manager-Diageo Reserve.

Entrance to the party is Shs50,000 and tickets are already on sale at Club Guvnor.

Kenyan all-boy band Sauti Sol welcomed to Uganda by UBL’s Luxury Brands Manager Anette Nakiyaga and Ciroc Uganda brand ambassador Brian Ahumuza, ahead of the Ciroc Frost Party slated for this Thursday at Guvnor.

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King Mumbere charged again, along 152 of his royal guards

Rwenzururu King Charles Wesley Mumbere has been charged for the third time in Jinja Chief Magistrates court

Rwenzururu King Charles Wesley Mumbere has been charged for the third time in Jinja Chief Magistrates court over the Rwenzori clashes that left more than 100 people dead and sevrtal injured.

Omusinga Mumbere was on Wednesday charged treason along 152 of his guards arrested in the recent clashes and when the Uganda People’s Defences (UPDF) and police raided on his Buhikira Palace in Kases.

Apart from the Omusinga, most of the other suspects aged between 18 and 35 had sounds, some visibly seen limping into the court room.

This comes just days after Mumbere was on Tuesday slapped with several new charges including treason, robbery and terrorism.

He was arrested last month and charged with murder before he was remanded to Kirinya government prison.

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Makerere lecturers meet tomorrow to decide on government new terms for opening of university

Makerere lecturers under theie umbrella body Makerere University Academic Staff Association (MUASA) have called for an emergency meeting tomorrow, Thursday 15 to decide on the New terms set by the council for the reopening of the university.

MUASA executive late Tuesday evening reached a compromise with Makerere University Council to call off their sit down strike.

The decision was reached in a heated meeting held from 4 to 9pm on Tuesday in the senate conference hall involving the staff representative, Makerere University council and management.

During the meeting, MUASA leaders accepted to receive arrears of one month incentive that was initially offered by the council before the university was closed. In a statement to staff issued at around 9pm, Deus Muhwezi Kamunyu, the MUASA Publicist, said they will hold an emergency general assembly on Thursday December 15 at Makerere University to deliberate on the agreed position by their executive.

President Museveni on November 2 ordered for closure of the university following a sit down strike by lecturers over their eight months unpaid incentive arrears.

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