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Parliament Wants Gov’t to Declare State of Emergency over Famine

Parliament Wants Gov’t to Declare State of Emergency over Famine

Parliament Wants Gov’t to Declare State of Emergency over Famine

Par­lia­ment has adopted a mo­tion to urge gov­ern­ment to de­clare a state of emer­gency in the famine-affected dis­tricts.

This comes af­ter law­mak­ers from Lango sub-re­gion as well as Teso and Karamoja flanked by Mon­ica Amod­ing (NRM-Kumi) convinced the House over de­lay by gov­ern­ment to eq­ui­tably dis­trib­ute re­lief food in af­fected areas.

Amod­ing at­tracted unan­i­mous sup­port from all leg­is­la­tors as she asked gov­ern­ment to de­clare a national dis­as­ter so as to at­tract sup­port from for­eign aid.

“Most of the peo­ple of the af­fected ar­eas are sur­viv­ing on a sin­gle meal per day un­der the watch of govern­ment,” Amod­ing said.

Sup­port­ing the mo­tion, the Speaker Re­becca Kadaga said that it was upon gov­ern­ment to im­ple­ment the House’s de­ci­sion or aban­don it.

“The cab­i­net has a re­spon­si­bil­ity to de­clare or not to de­clare but you have a re­spon­si­bil­ity to sup­port the peo­ple of this coun­try to get food,” she said.

Dr Ruhakana Ru­gunda, the Prime Min­is­ter failed to fight the mo­tion.

“Gov­ern­ment is con­fronting this dif­fi­cult sit­u­a­tion, head on…and we are in charge and the coun­try is feed­ing nor­mally…so this mo­tion should be de­feated,” the Prime Min­ster said.

In his state­ment, Mr Hillary Onek, the Min­is­ter of Dis­as­ter Pre­pared­ness, told Par­lia­ment that famine has spread to over 5.5 mil­lion peo­ple up from 3.5 mil­lion in Jan­u­ary.

The Min­is­ter also stated that, gov­ern­ment ef­forts to feed the hun­gry are fac­ing hard­ships due to inadequate fund­ing.

The worst af­fected ar­eas are North­ern Teso dis­tricts of Katakwi, Amuria, Soroti and Kabera­maido.

Be­fore the mo­tion was adopted, Mr Mwe­sigwa Ruku­tana, the Deputy At­tor­ney Gen­eral cau­tioned parlia­ment on the im­pli­ca­tions of the State of Emer­gency say­ing that it can de­velop into un­prece­dented devel­op­ments in the post Bush-war era.

“Dur­ing a State of Emer­gency gov­ern­ment is at lib­erty to sus­pend or change some func­tions of the judiciary and leg­is­la­ture and it is usu­ally used to crip­ple all rights of the cit­i­zens guar­an­teed in the constitu­tion and other in­ter­na­tional de­c­la­ra­tions of rights,” he said.

The At­tor­ney Gen­eral also said that State of Emer­gen­cies are used by dic­ta­to­r­ial regimes to sup­press cer­tain rights.


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US troops pull out of effort to find Kony

US troops pull out of effort to find Kony

US troops pull out of effort to find Kony

American special forces have started to withdraw from the Central African Republic where they have been helping an African Union-led force to fight the notorious Ugandan rebel group, the Lord’s Resistance Army (LRA).

LRA leader Joseph Kony is wanted by the International Criminal Court for war crimes and crimes against humanity and remains at large.

The US military said the five-year operation against the LRA had rendered the group irrelevant and its leader ineffective.

Last week, Uganda, which provides the vast majority of troops, started to withdraw. It said the LRA had only 100 men left.

It is likely that nobody really knows how many fighters remain or exactly what they do.

Although significantly diminished, they remain active across the region, poaching elephants and kidnapping hundreds of people a year.

At its height the LRA spread terror across northern Uganda.

Its hallmark was mutilating civilians but now it appears to be a largely a criminal outfit.

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Zambian court rejects application to dismiss opposition leader’s treason charge

Zambian court rejects application to dismiss opposition leader’s treason charge

Zambian court rejects application to dismiss opposition leader’s treason charge

A Zambian court rejected a bid on Wednesday by lawyers for detained opposition leader Hakainde Hichilema to have treason charges against him dropped.

“The charge of treason is only triable in the High Court. The law does not place power in the subordinate court to quash the indictment. The motion to quash the treason charge is untenable,” magistrate Greenwell Malumani said in a ruling before a packed court room.

Hichilema is accused of trying to overthrow the government. He was arrested after his convoy allegedly blocked the presidential motorcade.

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Some African states oppose a return by S.Sudan rebel Machar – UN

Some African states oppose a return by S.Sudan rebel Machar – UN

Some African states oppose a return by S.Sudan rebel Machar – UN

East African states and South Africa believe that allowing South Sudanese rebel leader Riek Machar to return to the war-torn country would not “necessarily be positive at this stage,” said United Nations envoy David Shearer on Wednesday.

Machar, who fled to Democratic Republic of Congo in August after fierce fighting in South Sudan, is being held in South Africa to prevent him from stirring up trouble, diplomatic and political sources say.

Shearer, who heads a U.N. peacekeeping mission in South Sudan, confirmed that was the case.

“The feeling very much within the region is that his role, in terms of bringing him back, wouldn’t necessarily be positive at this stage, so that’s the decision of regional governments and South Africa,” Shearer told reporters in New York.

South Sudan descended into civil war in 2013 after President Salva Kiir fired Machar as his deputy, unleashing a conflict that has spawned armed factions often following ethnic lines.

Shearer said Festus Mogae, the former Botswana president who heads the international mediation and monitoring body JMEC in South Sudan, and U.N. envoy for Sudan and South Sudan, Nicholas Haysom, had both visited Machar.

“What’s the most important thing — and I have made this point to everybody including President Kiir — is that the constituency he represents must be part of any peace process and any process that moves forward,” Shearer said.

The United Nations has warned of a possible genocide as millions have fled their homes, the oil-producing economy is in a tail-spin, crop harvests are devastated because of the worst drought in years and millions face famine.

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Kayihura Transfers Over 10 Officers in Another Police Reshuffle

Kayihura Transfers Over 10 Officers in Another Police Reshuffle

Kayihura Transfers Over 10 Officers in Another Police Reshuffle

In a bid to intensify security in the country that looks to be more frightened following various threats from anonymous criminal gangs, the police chief have transferred 14 of his men to various positions.

The reshuffle has mainly affected officers at the rank of SSP, ASP, SP and D/SP.

In a reshuffle letter released on 25th April, 2017 from the office of IGP, copied to various DPCs and RPCs, the transfers take immediate effect.

Here is the list of those that have been transferred;

SSP Aziku Zata from Aswa to West Nile as Deputy RPC.

ASP Kato Joseph from Rwenzori to Kigezi as Deputy RPC

SP Tumwesigye Francis fro East Kyoga to KMP South as Deputy RPC.

SP Mutono Grace from West Nile to Aswa as Deputy RPC.

SP Tugizire Allan from Kidepo to East Kyoga as Deputy RPC.

SP Kidima Fred to Wamala Rwenzori as Deputy RPC

D/SP Waiswa Ayub from Mission to CID HQS

D/ASP Rwanyoga Ambrose from Mission to CID HQS

ASP Lule Patrick from Amuru to Busia as OC station.

ASP Motoka Kaawa Fedinard from Adjumani to Iganga as OC station.

ASP Tumwesigye Wilson from Busia to Amuru as OC station.

ASP Adupa Vicent Barkis from Iganga to Adjumani as OC Station.

ASP Taban Swaib from Njeru to Bundibujo as OC Station.

ASP Birungi Ritah from Lwengo to Buikwe as OC Station Ngogwe

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Killer Gangs Release List Of 10 VIPs To Be Assassinated

Killer Gangs Release List Of 10 VIPs To Be Assassinated

Killer Gangs Release List Of 10 VIPs To Be Assassinated
Including Ministers, Mak & NSSF bosses

By Our Reporters

In what police publicist Assan Kasingye vigorously dismissed as psychological games, criminal murderous gangs suspected to have a hand in the ongoing bloodbath and robberies in various Ugandan districts on Tuesday released a document enumerating public figures and VIPs they intend to target and assassinate in Felix Kaweesi style.

Calling themselves “M40 BATTALIAN,” the killer gangs also had guts to obtain phone numbers of some of the people targeted and directly sent them whatsapp messages directly making these threats. You can’t easily dismiss it as propaganda because as Police publicist Kasingye recognized in a phone interview, these same gangs have previously made good their threats.

For instance in the greater Masaka area they have been sending advance notices declaring the day they would come and went on to carry out the threat and in the process wounding and killing many people. Not even the heightened joint security deployment of UPDF and Uganda Police would deter them from executing their threat. This has gradually been spreading to Luweero, Wakiso, Kyaggwe and parts of Busia district where they have so far been catching police off guard.


The newest threat anonymously issued on Tuesday names some of the people to be targeted next with assassinations which the authors say are clearly aimed at hurting the NRM regime and show it as not in charge anymore.

These include Lands Minister Betty Amongin and her deputies including Isaac Musumba, Chris Baryomunsi and Parcis Namuganza. Also on the list are Energy Minister Irene Muloni and her deputies including Simon Dujang and Peter Lokeris.

It’s not clear if the threat extends to the Ministry PS Steven Isabalija who also wields enormous influence since the idea is to politically hurt the Museveni regime. The document adds that all Makerere governing council members are being targeted in the upcoming spate of high profile assassinations. No specific dates are given for execution of the threats. The targeted Makerere Council bosses are many including Chairman Eng Wana Etyem, his Vice Irene Ovonji and other members like Bruce Kabasa, Thormas Tayebwa, Doreen Nyanjura, Elizabeth Gabona, Dr. Sarah Ssali, Prof Ddumba-Sentamu and others.

The other Makerere influential figure that must be worried is businessman Charles Mbire who is also the MTN Uganda Chairman. Unfortunately most of these are VIPs without much armed protection. In fact all Makerere Council members don’t have any escorts. They move around freely both at home and work which increases their vulnerability and susceptibility to such plots.

We couldn’t readily establish why a politically minded group, like the authors claim to be, would target Makerere Council bosses of all people. Kasingye maintains this is psychological and the perpetrators want to create public fear and erode public trust in the police and other security agencies.

The document also captures NEMA officials as some of those soft targets that must be assassinated. The document also talks of NSSF whose bosses like MD Richard Byarugaba and BOD Chairman Patrick Kaberenge have reason to worry as they form the Fund’s very top echelons.

Also listed are the top NPA bosses including Kisamba Mugerwa the chairman and Dr. Muvawala his Managing Director. Kisamba is an influential player in the Museveni government as before the budget is read in Parliament, Museveni insists on Kisamba giving the last word on everything. He is also involved in spearheading many development projects and is to Museveni what Prof Ephraim Kamuntu was to Obote II when it comes to finance matters.

The assailants’ calculation could be that bumping off such an important aide would psychologically break Museveni who we can exclusively confirm has previously got intelligence reports to the effect that Kaweesi-like assailants have plans to go after many other high profile citizens. Whereas in the long term his hopes lie with the Shs400bn CCTV Cameras project, Museveni has reacted by intensifying covert deployment of VIP escorts around some of these potentially targetable VIPs.

This effort of covert escort deployment is being coordinated and overseen in conjunction with SFC which is reputed to have great capabilities regarding VIP protection. The determined assailants also vow to go after top bosses of Uganda Electricity Generation Company Ltd (UEGCL) where ex-EC boss Eng Badru Kiggundu works these days. The other agencies whose bosses must watch their steps include UEGCL sister agencies like UMEME, UEDCL etc.


Police publicist Kasingye said the force had received these anonymous letters targeting VIPs and both overt and covert steps were being taken to remedy the situation.

“Yes there is increased deployment of patrol vehicles and other methods that may not be visible but you just know we are on top of the situation as police,” Kasingye said.

He added this strategy of using such letters to scare the populace has been on and police has gradually been arresting some of the originators “who are so far giving us information regarding those still at large.” He said some the ring leaders will soon appear before court as hinted upon by the IGP during his Monday press conference at Katwe Police Station.

We pressed Kasingye to advise the targeted VIPs on what they should do in the interim as police intensifies its efforts and he angrily said: “my brother what do you want me to say?” He was cautious to ensure his comments don’t leave the targeted VIPs more frightened but insisted police wasn’t taking the situation lightly as previous threats have been followed with action.

Other police sources said political-minded groups could be taking advantage of the rampant violent murders to ferment more anxiety in the public in order to score political points against the NRM government by authoring these letters. “Whatever it is we as police are determined to secure everybody in this country, be they VIP or ordinary persons, and we shall prevail as the earlier arrests have so far demonstrated,” said Kasingye who was careful not to create more anxiety in the already frightened VIP fraternity.

Some in security suspect a wealthy Ugandan physician based in Diaspora, from where he has lately been making inflammatory statements, could be the one funding some of these murderous activities in order to settle old personal scores against President Museveni. The President has sufficiently been briefed on this possibility and his SFC operatives are closely following onto this lead including intensifying covert operations in regional capitals like Nairobi, Khartoum and South Africa where this disgruntled physician is believed to have active training cells including some inherited from extremists like Jamil Mukulu. In fact groups loyal to this wealthy physician have previously posted social media messages urging Ugandans to brace themselves for the worst.


Meanwhile IGP Gen Kayihura also released a statement reassuring the public not to panic just like Kasingye stressed in the last night interview with this wwebsite. Kayihura’s statement goes as follows:

VERBATTIM: “The Uganda Police Force has successfully addressed the security situation in the Country keeping the country safe and secure despite a few incidents that continue to occur. As you are aware, we have already taken 13 suspects involved in the murder of the late AIGP Andrew Felix Kaweesi, his driver PC Godfrey Mambewa and his body guard CPL Kenneth Erau. You are also aware that we arrested and arraigned in court suspects of the murders of Muslim Clerics.

We are also progressing well with the investigations of the murder of the late Joan Kagezi. In Greater Masaka, the insecurity that was witnessed in the three districts of Lwengo, Masaka and Bukomansimbi especially during the months of October and November last year, is now under control. Over 100 suspects were arrested and over 50 suspects have appeared in courts of law. The communities have been mobilized to work closely with the police through increased patrols, community policing, crime intelligence and investigation to increase vigilance and defeat these criminals in the communities.

In Kampala Metropolitan policing area, there are criminals circulating leaflets intimidating the public and robbing their property. These leaflets have been circulated in Namulanda, Kyengera, Nsangi and Wakiso. Currently, we have prime suspects in connection with this crime. We have apprehended over 13 suspects who are prime suspects in this new wave of crime. They are providing useful information that will help in our investigations.

We shall prosecute all of them and soon we shall stamp out the vice completely.The joint security in Kampala has also arrested many suspected criminals involved in car robberies that have been rampant in recent times. One such suspected robber is JAMES SSEJJUUKI JJUUKO, 37 years. He was arrested after a long hunt. At his place of residence in Nansana, Wakiso District, police recovered a stolen vehicle AUDI Reg No. UAY 530A, and owner of this vehicle has already been notified.

He also had with him 35 head lumps, 2 suspected stolen number plates and he was in possession of a suspected stolen passport in the names of Byakagaba Moses, BO 972550. We shall soon arraign him in court together with his accomplices, some of whom are still at large.These and more crimes are being handled very well to increase security and safety across the country. We have intensified our community policing initiatives where we continue to mobilize communities to embrace the Neighborhood Watch Scheme, work with crime preventers and local leaders such as LC 1, to ensure peace and security in neighborhoods.

Also in Kampala, I have visited all bodaboda stages in our community policing initiatives to mobilize them to register, have valid and relevant documents, adhere to the traffic and road safety regulations and work closely with security agencies in the fight against crime.Therefore, I would like to reassure the country the Uganda Police together with other security agencies are on top of the situation. We need the vigilance of our population through working together with us to ensure total security throughout the country. We shall arrest all the other suspects that have not been arrested yet, and take them to courts of laws.”

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FUFA Halts Elections in 10 Districts over Irregularities

FUFA Halts Elections in 10 Districts over Irregularities

FUFA Halts Elections in 10 Districts over Irregularities

The FUFA Electoral Committee has put on hold elections in 10 districts across the country over various irregularities.

This was confirmed by Sam Bakiika, the chairperson of the Electoral Committee during a press conference held on Wednesday afternoon at Mengo, Kampala.

Elections for delegates for Regional Assemblies in Kisoro, Gulu and Nebbi have been put on hold.

Bududa and Nebbi will not hold the special interest groups under the referees category.

Also, elections for Nebbi and Kapchorwa districts under the coaches have been halted.

District F.A elections in Iganga, Mayuge, Bugiri, Mbale, Gulu, Bududa, Hoima and Nebbi will not take place until the grey areas are corrected.

Bakiika also mentioned the districts with irregularities where the district elections will not take place. Among these include Nebbi, Bududa, Iganga, Bugiri, Mbale, Hoima, Kisoro, Gulu and Kapchorwa.

“Elections for these districts have been put on hold not until their respective cases have been corrected,” Bakiika noted.

Bakiika also handed over some of the certificates of candidature for the respective successful candidates from the district football associations.

Dirisa Kasalirwe one of the three delegates from Rubaga received Moses Hashim Magogo’s certificate since the incumbent president is away on official duties in Egypt.

According to the FUFA Elections road map, the elections for the district football associations will take place on 29th April 2017.

The regional associations will vote between 18th – 20th May, while the national (special interest groups) go to polls on 5th June 2017.

The FUFA Executive will be voted on 5th August 2017.

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Uganda squad for the Division III World Cricket League Named

Uganda squad for the Division III World Cricket League Named

Uganda squad for the Division III World Cricket League Named

The 14-man squad of Uganda Cricket team for the Division III World Cricket League slated for 23-31 May in Kampala has been availed by the Uganda cricket Association

The team will be captained by Davis Karashani and Masaba Brian as assistant

Talking to pepper online, head coach Steve Tikolo said: “It’s was hard to drop players who have been working hard day in and day out, but at the end of the day we had to find a combinations that will help team win.

The 14 Man Squad

Davis Karashani (Captain)

Brian Masaba (Vice-Captain)

Frank Nsubuga

Henry Ssenyondo

Roger Mukasa

Arthur Kyobe

Hamu Bagenda Kayondo

Shazad Kamal
Lawrence Ssematimba
Otwani Arnold
Jonathan Ssebanja
Deus Muhumuza
Charles Waiswa
Irfan Sahibzaba


David Wabwire
Emmanuel Isaneez
Llyod Patternot
Naeem Bardai.

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Don’t Upgrade Academic Qualifications for Promotions, Warns Janet

Don’t Upgrade Academic Qualifications for Promotions, Warns Janet

By Venenscias Kiiza

T he Minister for Education and Sports, Janet Museveni, has asked civil servants who go back to school for further studies, not to use their academic qualifications to seek promotions and appointments at their work places, like many have done in the past.

She has since advised them to put in place what they have studied to execute their duties. According to the first lady, many employees go back to school, not only to acquire skills that can enable them perform much better on their respective workstations, but solely to seek for chances of promotions and juicy appointments, owing to their so many academic qualifications.

“You graduates should not use your newly acquired academic qualifications for promotions at your work places like many have done, instead, you should put into practice what you have studied, “Janet advised.

She made the remarks during the 15th graduation ceremony of Uganda Management Institute (UMI) Friday afternoon, at the institutes’ main campus. Janet, who was the chief guest, expressed concern over the deeply entrenched corruption in public offices. She wondered why despite the good management courses at UMI and in other universities in Uganda, managers still exhibit high corruption tendencies.

Janet, also tasked all academic institutions to carry out research in all public and private organs, to find out why there is high corruption tendencies, despite them going through credible institutions. She said, the scope of research should be able to find out why employees no longer implement what they study in these ‘good institutions’, before asking them to share the report with government to mitigate the problem. She said there is a public outcry in regard to ethical standards of employees in all organs.

“UMI should develop a research policy, go beyond teaching and do patriotic research in order to solve public sector management issues. You need to find solutions to public administration challenges and then you can engage government and we chat away forward. There is corruption everywhere,” Janet, who is also the first lady said.

401 graduated with masters’ degree, 29 with ordinary diploma and as well 1,162 with postgraduate diplomas. The institute’s general director James Nkata, applauded president Museveni for appointing the first lady in the education ministry. He also said the country was experiencing corporate disloyalty in almost every department both private and public, yet the lot is expected from such highly skilled graduates. He revealed that, UMI has now got four staff members with PhD’s, and more 19 are yet to complete.

In her speech, the institute’s Chancellor, Geraldine Namirembe Bitamazire thanked government for enhancing salaries of teaching and non-teaching staff. Bitamazire noted that UMI graduates have proved that they can provide solutions to problems and cautioned graduates against perpetrating corruption. “If you are a manager from UMI, we don’t expect you to use money that is not yours,” she said.

The graduates received certificates in disciplines including Masters in Public Procurement; Masters in Higher Education; Postgraduate Diploma in Financial Management and Post Graduate Diploma in Public Administration and Management.

The ceremony was attended by a number of technocrats led by John Mitala and politicians who included Kampala minister Beti Olive Kamya, who was accompanying the first lady.

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UBTEB Sign MoU with UMA On Skills Dev’t

UBTEB Sign MoU with UMA On Skills Dev’t

UBTEB Sign MoU with UMA On Skills Dev’t

By Venenscias Kiiza

The Uganda Business and Technical Examinations Board (Ubteb) has partnered with Uganda Manufacturers’ Association (UMA), Uganda Association of Private Vocational Institutions (UGAPRIVI) and Coalition of Uganda Private School Teachers Association (COUPSTA) to ensure skilled work force that Uganda needs to boost incomes and employment and to compete in regional and global market.

This was witnessed through the signing of a 5 year long MOU , which according to UBTEB’s executive secretary OnesimusOyesigye ,demonstrates the commitment and trust in UBTEB’s mode of assessment to raise a generation of graduates that meet the ever-changing demands of the world of work especially industrialists and Manufacturers in Uganda and beyond.

Speaking at the signing ceremony, at the Uganda Media Centre in Kampala, Oyesigye, said the country needs to boost its income and employment with competent and self-reliant citizens.

“Every year, industry [captains] complain about the quality of our graduates. Now that we have employers of the graduates on board, we shall be able to produce ready products for the market,” Oyesigye said. In line with the 2012/13 2021/22 Skilling Uganda strategy, Oyesigye said UBTEB would ensure that quality competence-based assessment is enhanced with the aim of producing skilled personnel for global and regional markets.

He added that with the UMA alliance, there will be joint efforts in policy development, industrial training and quality assurance. As the Board, he pledged to work with the regional Directors of UGAPRIVI together with the relevant Departments and Agencies of Ministry of Education and Sports to enhance the quality of assessment and skill provision; adding that “the Government of Uganda in the Skilling Uganda is committed to providing equitable access to skills development and in this regard, UBTEB will work with the BTVET department and DES to ensure that the UGAPRIVI institutions are licensed and equally accredited as UBTEB examinations centres”.

He said, with COUPSTA’s good track record in lobbying, advocacy and participation in education policy formulation among others, sets them apart in enabling the popularisation of the mandate of UBTEB and its contributions towards skills development in Uganda.

UGAPRIVI national chairman Adrian Ndemere said the partnership had come at a time when several private institutions were graduating students every year with unaccredited programmes.

“As an association, we have 862 known private vocational institutions but also, over 300 don’t care to belong to any association or coalition,” Ndemere said. “These are institutions we need to help because they have good intentions to offer skills but are either not guided or get difficulties in registering for examination centers.”

According to Mubaraka Nkuutu Kirunda, the acting executive director of Uganda Manufacturers Association (UMA), the MOU would help in developing skills of students at all education levels that are abreast with theory but lack practical and entrepreneurial skills.

The Board over the years has enjoyed cordial relations with various Ministries, Departments, Agencies and other organizations including Uganda Local Government Association (ULGA), Uganda National teacher Union (UNATU), District Education Officers (DEOs) forum, Office of Prime Minister and Ministry of Information and Communication Technology and National Guidance in order to promote UBTEB’s mandate and the programs examined by the Board.

It is therefore an honor to associate and partner with COUPSTA in creating awareness on UBTEB and the role of Vocational and Technical Education in Uganda towards skills development for job creation.

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