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Zambian Opposition Denies Arson, Accuses Gov’t for plotting against it

Zambian Opposition Denies Arson, Accuses Gov’t for plotting against it

Zambian Opposition Denies Arson, Accuses Gov’t for plotting against it

Zambia’s main opposition party, whose leader has been arrested and charged with treason, accused the government on Monday of trying to frame it for arson as an excuse for greater political suppression.

President Edgar Lungu said last week he might declare a state of emergency in some areas after public buildings were torched in attacks he blamed on opposition members protesting at the arrest of their leader, Hakainde Hichilema.

The opposition United Party for National Development (UPND) denied that and said the arson accusation was a government ploy.

“They are creating deliberate confusion to justify a state of emergency. There are no UPND members who have been arrested for arson,” party spokesman Charles Kakoma said.

A Zambian court will rule on Wednesday on whether to throw out the treason case against Hichilema who was arrested on April 11 in a police raid on his home and charged with trying to overthrow the government.

The southern African country – the continent’s number 2 copper producer – has traditionally been stable but relations between government and opposition have been fraught since August when Lungu’s Patriotic Front (PF) beat the UPND in a presidential election marred by violence and which the opposition says was rigged.

It was the second time that Lungu beat Hichilema, an economist and businessman, in a presidential election by a razor-thin margin.


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3 Nabbed in Possession of Pangolins worth UGX6m

3 Nabbed in Possession of Pangolins worth UGX6m

3 Nabbed in Possession of Pangolins worth UGX6m

Police in Abim District is holding three men who were netted while in possession of 1 live and 2 skinned pangolins worth UGX6 million.

Police has identified the suspects as; Felix Orebo a police officer attached to Jinja road police station, Bosco Logel a Para-Legal with Uganda Law Society and Sylvester Omara a Nursing Assistant at Koya Health Center II.

According to the O.C Station Abim Police Station Dickens Turinawe, the suspects were arrested in a fake transaction arranged by the Natural Resource Conservation Network

The suspects came along with 10.1 kilograms of skinned Pangolin and 1 Live Pangolin to the would-be buyers and they demanded for 6 million shillings.

The suspects are currently being interrogated at Abim Police Station and will be charged with Unlawful possession of a protected species and Conspiracy to commit a felony.

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Many Thanks to KCCA for Banning Street Preaching

Many Thanks to KCCA for Banning Street Preaching

Many Thanks to KCCA for Banning Street Preaching

By Haji Nsereko Mutumba

I would like to commend Kampala City Council Authority (KCCA) for banning ‘street preaching’ in the city.

Much as we all need the word of God, the manner in which it is preached must be orderly. Those who preach it should not insult members of other religions, and the preaching must be done in gazetted places.

I have personally been a victim of insults from these so called ‘street preachers’ who are more of street bullies than preachers.

No preacher be it a Pastor or a Sheikh has the moral authority to judge people. Theirs is to spread the word of God in the most convincing and nice manner.

It is upon the recipients to decide whether to follow or reject the message.

Some of the abusive ‘preachers’ have to the extent of boarding pioneer buses where they shout to passengers up to the final destination.

Anyone who dares ask them to control their voices receives all sorts of insults and threats. The owners of pioneer buses should follow the example set by KCCA by banning such acts on public buses which are used by people from different religions.

Some sources have even claimed that some of these abusive preachers who are normally at traffic jam prone areas collaborate with criminal elements who grab phones from unsuspecting passengers.

This makes it not just a KCCA issue but a security issue that could get worse if it is not addressed from the word go.

If these people are being deployed by certain prayer houses, the authorities should reach out to the leaders of these places of worship and ask them to call them back.

We need an orderly city.

The writer is the UMSC spokesperson. He can be reached on 0772409504/0701409504 or pro.umsc@gmail.com

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Mubarak Munyagwa Finally Released from Jail

Mubarak Munyagwa Finally Released from Jail

Mubarak Munyagwa Finally Released from Jail

High Court in Kampala has afternoon released the embattled Kawempe South MP, Mubarak Munyagwa who has been in jail for the last two weeks over failure to clear a Shs100m debt he owes to a city businessman John Baptist Maali.

In order for him to be released, Munyagwa had to first pay Shs15m and agree to court terms and conditions on how the remaining sums will be cleared.

Meanwhile, court has ordered him to pay sh20m on May 2, sh30m on June 2 and sh35m on August 2, 2017 plus sh6m being interest. Failure to do so, the execution for the total sum shall issue.

This website understands that part of the money was contributed by former Forum for Democratic Change (FDC) presidential candidate Dr Kizza Besigye.

Munyagwa’s troubles stem from a failure to give vacant possession to a piece of land he sold to Maali in 2015. Maali claims that he requested Munyagwa to refund his money but in vain. It is alleged that Munyagwa through his agent, Meddie Basajja, approached Maali saying he was interested in selling his land at Kyadondo Block 205, Plot 509 in Kawempe measuring 0.316 hectares.

Munyagwa, then Kawempe Municipality division mayor, reportedly confirmed to Maali that the land in question was his and that he had bought it from a one Bakali Sentongo and he was processing its title from Kampala District Land Board. Maali contends that after Munyagwa’s assurance that the land in question belonged to him, they made a sale agreement which was witnessed by Munyagwa’s lawyer Joseph Kyazze and his agent Basajja.

He then paid sh100 million to Munyagwa who promised to vacate the land and also give him transfer forms to process the land title. Court was informed that despite reminders, Munyagwa failed to honour his obligations.

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Best Performers in the AUPL to be awarded

Best Performers in the AUPL to be awarded

Best Performers in the AUPL to be awarded

The national league sponsors Azam TV and Rwanda Football Federation have formally agreed to award the best performers at the end of the season.

The scheme is to reward home-grown talent and to increase competitiveness of the local league through recognition of outstanding footballers playing in the 16-team topflight division.

According to officials, the awards scheme for the Player of the Year will be developed using the most competitive criteria.

For instance, a technical score criteria which forms the major selection format looks at a player’s ability to demonstrate the eagerness to search, manage and serve the ball as well as the scores made.

Other important items that form the selection criteria for the Player of the Year includes morale, fair play, ability to demonstrate skillful moves and social aspects such as demonstration of exemplary moral conduct.

Since the start of the season Azam and Ferwafa have been awarding the Player of the Month.

The Player of the Month is voted for by fans after being nominated by a team of four technicians and eight journalists. The Player of the Year will earn Rwf1m.

Awards category

Player of the Year

Top Scorer

Best Young Player

Mostly Promising Player

Best Goalkeeper

Goal of the Season

Best Coach

Team of the Year

Fan Club of the Year

Best Referee

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Stu­dent Loan Scheme In Ugx 5bn Deficit

Stu­dent Loan Scheme In Ugx 5bn Deficit

Stu­dent Loan Scheme In Ugx 5bn Deficit

The Higher Ed­u­ca­tion Stu­dents Fi­nanc­ing Board (HESFB) is faced with a Ugx 5 bil­lion fi­nan­cial short­age, which could af­fect ad­mis­sion of new stu­dents to dif­fer­ent uni­ver­si­ties.

The board which was set up in 2014 has been charged with pro­vid­ing loans and schol­ar­ships to bril­liant and needy stu­dents, with the funds cov­er­ing tu­ition fees, re­search and func­tional fees.

Ac­cord­ing to of­fi­cials from HESFB, gov­ern­ment is yet to re­lease the funds re­quired to fa­cil­i­tate new students join­ing the 6 pub­lic uni­ver­si­ties and se­lected char­tered pri­vate uni­ver­si­ties in the 2017/​2018 aca­d­e­mic year.

Rev. Fr. Prof. Cal­listo Locheng, HESFB board chair­man re­vealed to leg­is­la­tors on the com­mit­tee that govern­ment is yet to re­lease Ugx 5.6 bil­lion re­quired to pro­vide loans to new stu­dents join­ing the nine gov­ern­ment uni­ver­si­ties and other char­tered pri­vate uni­ver­si­ties in the 2017/​2018 aca­d­e­mic year.

Locheng fur­ther re­vealed that Ugx 6 bil­lion has also not been re­leased to fa­cil­i­tate pay­ments for continu­ing stu­dents. He said if the money is not re­leased soon, the board will be un­able to call for applica­tions for new stu­dents to ap­ply for the loans and schol­ar­ships.

Michael Wanyama, the Ex­ec­u­tive Di­rec­tor of HESFB told the MPs that while the scheme pro­vides funding to stu­dents for tu­ition and func­tional fees, there is no pro­vi­sion for ac­com­mo­da­tion and food.

Wanyama lamented that this has forced some stu­dents, es­pe­cially those from ex­tremely poor fam­i­lies, to drop out of school.

State Min­is­ter in charge of Higher Ed­u­ca­tion, Dr. Chrysos­tom Muyingo told the com­mit­tee that government is seek­ing for the money to fund the new stu­dents.

Muyingo also scoffed at con­cerns by some leg­is­la­tors, in­clud­ing Ja­cob Opolot and Joseph Ssewungu, on the un­fair dis­tri­b­u­tion of the loans. While the MPs said the most vul­ner­a­ble dis­tricts are get­ting few slots com­pared to fairly de­vel­oped ar­eas, Muyingo said the loans are given on ba­sis of merit.

Ac­cord­ing to sta­tis­tics from the board, at least 3,799 stu­dents have so far ben­e­fited from the scheme.

In the 2014/​2015 fi­nan­cial year, 1,201 out of 2,125 ap­pli­cants were awarded the loans. In the 2015/​2016 fi­nan­cial year, 1,273 out of 4,399 ap­pli­cants were awarded while in the 2016/​2017 fi­nan­cial year, 1,325 out of 3,762 ap­pli­cants were awarded.

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Five Perish, 15 Cheat Death in Masaka Road Accident

Five Perish, 15 Cheat Death in Masaka Road Accident

Five Perish, 15 Cheat Death in Masaka Road Accident

Five people have been confirmed dead and 15 severely injured in a Sunday accident that happened at Kabira village, Kamengo, in Mpigi District on the Kampala-Masaka Highway.

The accident involved a commuter tax Reg. NO. UAX 751M that was heading to Kyotera in Rakai District and a Mitsubishi Pajero Reg. No. UAQ 770S, that was heading to Kampala.

Police identified the dead as Michael Ssebunnya (a taxi driver), Robert Bwanika, Maria Nankinga and other two who did not have any identification document.

Meanwhile, three children are the 15 that were critically injured. The injured were rushed to Mulago Referral Hospital for medical assistance.

The Mpigi District Police Commander, Ahmed Kimera Sseguya attributed the accident to reckless driving and speeding.

“Our preliminary investigations show that all problems came after the recklessness of the Pajero driver and people should learn to follow road signs because if he had read the climbing lane signage, he wouldn’t have caused this accident,” he said.

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Uganda, South Sudan Sign Joint Border Agreement

Uganda, South Sudan Sign Joint Border Agreement

Uganda, South Sudan Sign Joint Border Agreement

The Heads of the Delegations of Uganda and South Sudan have signed a joint report at the conclusion of Joint Border Technical Committee on 21 April 2017 in Addis Ababa.

The meeting agreed inter alia to carry out joint sensitisation of the border communities in Kidepo.

They also agreed to jointly train their experts who will handle the demarcation.

They agreed in key documents to guide the demracation exercise , the joint budget and joint work plan.

The parties have been working with the AU Commission which is supporting the exercise.

It should be noted that Uganda has been in border dispute with South Sudan for over a decade now.

The dispute emerged in 2005 between communities in the Kajo-Keji county of South Sudan and the Ugandan district of Moyo.

Tensions and incidents of violence along the border forced the suspension of a project to construct a road and a communications tower in the area.

The presidents of Uganda and the South Sudan region met in November 2010 to promote the peaceful resolution of the dispute, but an agreement has never been reached.

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Uganda the Most Attractive Investment Destination in EA

Uganda the Most Attractive Investment Destination in EA

Uganda the Most Attractive Investment Destination in EA

Uganda and Tanzania have been rated the most attractive investment destinations in East Africa.

According to the Africa Index, the two countries scored highly in domestic investment, doing business and economic growth.

Kenya camethird due to credit rating and economic growth followed by Rwanda scoring in import cover, doing business and exchange rate. Burundi and South Sudan have been rated the worst.

According to the report, the top five African investment destinations attracted an overall Foreign Direct Investment of $13.6 billion. On the continent, Botswana tops the list followed by Morocco. Egypt comes in third place with South Africa taking the fourth position and Zambia taking fifth place.

In a press statement Prof Mthuli Ncube, Head of Quantum Global Research Lab stated that many of the African nations are demonstrating an increased willingness to achieve sustainable growth by diversifying their economies and introducing favourable policies to attract inward investments despite external challenges and the fall in oil prices.

Mthuli however says structural reforms and greater private sector involvement are crucial to unlocking Africa’s true potential.

By Agencies

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Seven Netted With 55kgs of Ivory

Seven Netted With 55kgs of Ivory

Seven Netted With 55kgs of Ivory

By Milton Emmy Akwam

LIRA: Seven people are being detained at Lira Central Police Station (CPS) after being nabbed with six pieces of ivory, weighing approximately 55kg.

They were nabbed on Friday (11pm) from Cathedral Ward, Alito camp village in Ojwina division, Lira Municipality.

Police say the suspects were imploring potential buyers of ‘their ivory’, a species banned by government from trading.

David Ongom Mudong, the North Kyoga Regional Police spokesperson confirmed the development to this website today morning.

He identified the suspects as; Aber Susan, Okello Solomon, Oweka Jaspher, Omonya Denish, Epila Denis, Ocen Phabio and Omara Wilbon.

They are all residents of Alito Camp village, an area alleged by security personnel in the district to be having high crime rate.

“Others are still at large because this seems to be a set of dealers. Inquiries are still ongoing to ensure we apprehend those still at large,” he said.

They (suspects) were charged with possession of endangered wild life species vide CRB L/1260/2017 at Lira Central Police Station.

In a telephone interview, Jossy Muhangi, the Public Relations Manager for Uganda Wild Life Authority (UWA) says the authority would send her experts to ascertain if those were real ivory or cow horns.

“Whereas the custodian of ivory is UWA, the Police will use it as exhibit as per the agreement to arraign the suspects in Court,” he said.

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