Exiled Ugandan renegade Col Samson Mande still missing

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By Our Reporter

Col Mande

Exiled Uganda People’s Defence Forces [UPDF] renegade Col Samson Mande’s whereabouts are currently unknown, according to the latest reports.

The former commander of the People’s Redemption Army, a guerrilla outfit based in the Democratic Republic of Congo (DRC), was reported missing at the close of last week and has not been found ever since.

Mande was last seen in November in South Africa, according to his closest friends.

Other reports say he was captured from the neighbouring Tanzania and reportedly handed over to Ugandan authorities.

This development was disputed by Chief of Military Intelligence, Brigadier Charles Bakahumura who told a Ugandan media outlet that they also didn’t know where the former rebel was.

Mande was accused of starting of a rebel group People’s Redemption Army (PRA/DF) in late 2000s based on Kasese and Kisoro in the western part of Uganda.

He was jailed following the Military intelligence operation under the late, Noble Mayombo, a former Chief of Military Intelligence [CMI].

Mande fled UPDF to Rwanda were he declared a war on current regime.

Following the smashing of PRA outfit, Mande escaped to Europe and was granted a refugee status in Sweden.

Also exiled was Lt Col Anthony Kyakabale who, on the other hand, returned to Uganda and reconciled with President Yoweri Museveni last year.

Mande has been appearing in media reports saying he would return to the country this year.

Ssengooba, on the other hand, fled to Switzerland where he was granted a political-asylum status too.

Some reports quote Mande calling for Museveni’s overthrow in a recent debate moderated by Ugandans in South Africa.

Before his disappearance, Mande reportedly said he doesn’t want to be seen as a person with a personal grudge against Museveni.

“I want to address the bad situation and the wrongs happening in Museveni’s administration,” he is quoted to have said.

He added: “Museveni has all state facilities at his disposal, military equipment, army, police, intelligence agents and money which he uses to keep himself in power.”

Museveni insists that his government will not spare any one or a group of rebels with the intentions of destabilising Uganda’s peace.

The president has been quoted in the media saying at the moment Ugandans are enjoying peace which was brought by the NRM government and that he would smash all saboteurs.

A such, several PRA/DF Members/ Agents were subsequently arrested in various parts of the country including Mande’s closest-pal, Sengooba-Kityo Robert.

Ssengooba was also accused of secretly trafficking unauthorized Fire-Arms (AK-47) into the country which resulted into his detention at Kololo Summit view post.

It is also alleged that the duo were involved in embezzlement of $2M at Ugandan-Mission-Tanzania.

Aside from facing treason charges, Ssengooba is also wanted for sodomy related cases as well as allegedly plotting to form a government that believes in equal rights, zero corruption and power sharing.

This was followed by the rejection of the anti-Homosexual act section 145(a) appeal at East African Court Justice E.A.C.J in Arusha-Tanzania, where Sengooba & a group of Human rights lawyers have been battling with their appeal case.

Sengooba is part of a large group of homosexuals who were rounded up by police in 2011 for having a connection, promoting and recruiting children into unnatural acts.

Sengooba is accused of having connections with opposition politicians who want to form up a government that favours gay people.

His colleagues are now undercover while others are still on the run.

He is the coordinator of large LGBT Groups/ Organisations in Uganda, EU, South America and in South Africa, according to police.

He was first arrested in 2011, charged with sodomy and later released on bail.

He reportedly escaped after being granted bail and has since secured asylum in Switzerland to dodge the wrath of the law.

Source:: The Insider