NTV Faridah’s wedding postponed indefinitely

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By Big Eye

By BigEyeUg Team

NTV Uganda’s Faridah Nakazibwe who was promised a wedding by her doctor boyfriend will wait a while longer after the wedding was postponed indefinitely.

News coming in indicates that the wedding between her and her man Umar which was slated for May this year was postponed without any reasonable explanation. Umar met Fardiah’s relatives and also took her to his mother in Mbarara. He shortly after flew off to Qatar with a promise of returning for the wedding till now. Faridah then got leave from work to go see him when May went by without him working around. The wedding was pushed to a later time we are yet to know.

Faridah has been in a couple of relationships with a high profile politician, doctor and another guy from Ibanda.

We hope her wedding comes soon or she will be devastated. Get all the updates here.

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