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Hellen Lukoma nominated in UK awards

Local singer, actress and fashion designer, Hellen Lukoma has been nominated in top UK awards.

Lukoma, who rose to fame for her role as Patra on The Hostel, has received a nod in the BEFFTA Awards. She is nominated in the Best Actress category where she will battle for the coveted award with some of the top actresses on the continent including Mercy Johnson(Nigeria), Wema Sepetu(Tanzania), Weruche Opia(Nigeria), Joselyn Dumas(Ghana), and Eniola Badmus(Nigeria).

The petite actress could not hide her excitement about the nod. “I am very honored. God is good,” she said.

Founded by Pauline Long, the awards seek to reward outstanding achievements and contributions from black and ethnic communities globally in entertainment, film, fashion, television and arts.

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10 Things you probably confuse for true love

10 Things you probably confuse for true love

True love is a very difficult thing to explain, and some people would debate that it doesn’t even exist at all. Most of us though, would agree that love does exist and that it can exist in various forms, but you can sometimes mistake other emotions, for love. If you are unsure, whether what you are feeling is really true love, or something else, then read these ten things that easily be confused for love:

1. Closeness through shared experiences
When people share different joyful or traumatic experiences together, they can form a strong bond that can be mistaken for love. This can lead to the ‘we’ve been through so much together’ reason for staying together, when you don’t really love each other.

2. Meeting up with an ex after a long time
After a long period of separation, the reason why you split fades in your memory, but the good times stay fresh in your mind. If you met that person again, unexpectedly, it can seem that fate drew you back together, and it can feel like you are instantly in love again. Be careful though, this is probably only going to be a short lived feeling.

3. He is a great kisser
Fun in bedroom is one thing and love is another, so don’t confuse the two. No matter how fantastic or mind blowing time in bedroom is, that doesn’t mean that you love the person and, anyway, bedroom alone will never be enough.

4. The holiday romance
When you meet someone on holiday, it can seem to be ‘oh, so perfect’. Sun, sea and laughter, what could be more romantic! The problem is that when you get back to real life, that person can be a very different person indeed.

5. Finding a rock in a storm
When you are going through tough times and someone comes into your life who is stable, reliable and trustworthy, you can lean on them and they may well be of immense help to you, at that time. Your gratitude at finding a ‘saviour’ can be easily confused for true love, be aware.

6. Dating for convenience
He’s safe, he’s trustworthy, he’s reliable and, more importantly, he’s there. If you spend enough time with a person, you can become so comfortable, that staying with them seems like the easiest and simplest option. This isn’t love, though; it’s just taking the easy option.

7. Receiving attention from Mr. Perfect
When you start to get attention from a guy who seems to have it all, then it’s easy to get sucked into a relationship with him, even when you don’t really love him. You know the type: handsome, smart, generous, successful, suave and sophisticated, but is he really for you? Or is just an infatuation?

8. Idolization
This one is more for the teens, than the mums, but not always! You might think that you are in love with One Direction member, or if you’re a bit older, George Clooney, but you’re not. Even if your idol did walk through the door and sweep of your feet, you’d soon find that he breaks wind and has bad days, just like everyone else.

9. The roller-coaster relationship
Some people are great at making you feel bad about yourself and then, suddenly turning the tables and being the most wonderful human being on the planet. When things are great with this type of person, you think that you love them. So much so that you forget it was the same person that made you feel so bad in the first place.

10. Forbidden love
Forbidden love, like having an affair with a married man, can seem so exciting and dangerous that you become overwhelmed by it. But, it could be the danger and the secrecy that you are in love with, not the man. And do you really want to spend the rest of your life with the person who is able to betray someone else?

Source: Modernghana.com

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 Staring at women’s behinds inspired most of my songs — Timaya

Nigerian singer Timaya, born Alfred Inetimi Odon, has revealed the source of his inspiration for most of his music.

The “Bum Bum” singer said starring at women’s bums inspires him and he is unapologetic about that.

Timaya said some of his songs came as a result of staring at ladies’ backside.

He told Punch, “I love the woman backside because it is very beautiful and just by staring at it, I get ideas for songs.

“And that is how songs like Ukwu and Shake Your Bum, came about.

“However, I also sing about many other things so it is balanced.

“A lot of people are hypocritical because songs about bums usually have the highest downloads but people would come out to criticise them. So who is downloading them?

“I have learnt that you can never please everybody and I don’t waste my time trying to do that. I stay true to myself, and if you’re cool with it, it’s okay. And if you’re not down with it, that’s also okay. Life goes on.”

Timaya also spoke affectionately about his daughters, saying, “I did not know I could love anyone the way I love my children.

“I have a very wonderful relationship with my daughters and I relate with them a lot so they also see me as a friend.”

Source: Dailypost.ng

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Olamide leaves girlfriend heartbroken after revealing he may not marry her

Nigerian singer Olamide has revealed that he may never get married to his baby mama and long time girlfriend, Adebukunmi Suleiman.

The YBNL boss who was the guest artiste in a recent interview with Soundcity’s Moet Abebe, talked about his record label, the artistes in it, Dagrin and his baby mama.

Speaking about his baby mama, Olamide reiterated that he may not marry her. Stating that it all depends on the future and he believes in destiny.

According to him, “only God knows tomorrow, I am just trying as much as possible to be a great father and a responsible man.”

Source: Naij.com

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Davido blows over 20 million on liquor at London nightclub

Nigerian singer Davido who was in the company of his friends visited China White VIP night club on Winsley Street, London and practically brought the house down with his lavish spending.

Documenting his escapades on Snapchat, Davido shared a receipt for the drinks he and his friends bought in the club and everything totaled over £5,000(about Ugx 23 million).

This was after he delivered a stunning performance at the One Africa Music Fest concert.

Source: Naij.com

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Wizkid confirms second son with American model

Nigerian singer Wizkid has finally confirmed he welcomed a baby with Guinean-American model Binta Diamond.

The music star who was accused of being a deadbeat father by Binta Diamond last year has finally owned up to his son.

The Starboy gave his baby mamas a shout out on Mother’s day May 14, 2017.

He wrote, “God bless them for my Boys!!!”

God bless them for my Boys!!! ❤️ ❤️ https://t.co/jFfD4elQ1k

— Wizkid (@wizkidayo) May 14, 2017

Recall that back in February last year, it was revealed that Wizkid had allegedly fathered a child with a Guinean woman named Binta Diamond Diallo who stays in America.

Despite the baby boy being named after him, Wizkid swiftly denied fathering her child. Binta Diamond Diallo fired back by saying that Wizkid is a deadbeat dad who has not seen his son.

She even went as far as doing a paternity test which came out positive.

Well, it seems Wizkid had a change of heart and is now ready to be a responsible dad for his offspring.

Source: Pulse.ng

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It has been challenging working with Chameleone — Robert Mutima

By Stuart G-Khast

Robert Mutima today marks 3 years since he started working with Chameleone.

Mutima, who works as the “Wale Wale” star’s manager, has taken to social media to celebrate the milestone. He revealed that working with Chameleone has been a bumpy ride.

He said, “Today marks three years since I started working working with Chameleone. We have now become family. It has not been a smooth walk of life but rather challenging and a lot to learn from.”

The two have over the 3 years been on and off partners, with at one point Mutima receiving the axe but the two managed to iron out their differences and Mutima was reinstated as manager.

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Nigeria singer Chidinma encourages youth to pursue their dreams

By Our Reporter

Nigerian singer Chidinma has encouraged youth to pursue their dreams.

The “Kedike” star made the remarks on Friday while addressing over 600 young people at Hana International School who attended this year’s Annual Youth Camp organised by Reach A Hand, Uganda.

Sharing her own experience growing up with her sisters who have been very pivotal in helping her realize her dreams, the 26-year-old singer reiterated the need to protect and empower the girl child to achieve their dreams.

“Do not allow anyone make you think that you are less,” she said. “You can be anything you want to be in this world. Let nobody tell you otherwise.”

She concluded her inspirational talk with an eagerly-awaited performance of some of her popular songs including “Kedike” and “Fallen in Love”, much to the excitement of the youthful crowd.

Held under the theme “Get Up Speak Out”, this year’s Youth Camp also attracted young people from other countries like Rwanda, Burundi, and Kenya among others. The week-long camp saw the youth equipped with knowledge on skills development, menstrual hygiene, HIV/AIDS, teenage pregnancy, child marriage, financial literacy, body changes, hygiene and sanitation through focus group discussions.

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Ykee Benda shines at Buzz Teeniez Awards: Here’s the full list of winners

By Our Reporter

Ykee Benda was the big winner at the Buzz Teeniez Awards that were held on Saturday at UMA hall.

The “Muna Kampala” star walked home with three awards including Teeniez Male Artist, Breakout Artist and Songwriter.

However, he was not around to pick his accolades. Speaking on behalf of the singer, the manager extended gratitude to fans for voting him and revealed that Ykee Benda was currently in Kenya for Coke Studio Africa.

Meanwhile, Gospel singer Exodus, who won two accolades, was the one who stole the show.

While accepting the Teeniez Gospel song award for his single, “Nyinimu”, Exodus decided to instead give it out to fellow gospel singer Levixone in a show of solidarity in the gospel industry.

“Levixone has worked hard the past year and he deserves this,” he said as he handed his award to Levixone.

The other big winners were Mun G and Sheebah Karungi who each took home two awards.

Douglas Lwanga and NTV The Beat team pose with Teeniez TV Show accolade at Buzz Teeniez Awards

Here’s the full list of winners:

Teeniez Male Artist

1. Ceaserous

2. Ykee Benda (Winner)

3. Nutty Neithan

4. MUN G

Teeniez Female Artist

1. Fille

2. Irene Ntale

3. Winnie Nwagi

4. Sheebah Karungi (Winner)

Teeniez Wickedest Dj

1. DJ Ali Breezy

2. DJ Slick Stuart & DJ Roja (Winner)

3. DJ Mark

4. DJ Crim

Teeniez Gospel Artist/Group

1. Coopy Bly

2. Daisy Ejang

3. Exodus (Winner)

4. Levixone

5. Ruyonga

Teeniez Flyest Video

1. Kisasi Kimu – Sheebah

2. Dangerous – Ceaserous (Winner)

3. The way – Sheebah

4. Pull Up – Kent ft Flosso

Teeniez Hottest Riddim

1. Big Bumpa – Mun G & Kemishan (Winner)

2. Dangerous – Ceaserous

3. Eva – Ykee Benda

4. Farmer RMX – YKee Benda ft Sheebah

Teeniez Gospel Song

1. DNA – Baby Gloria ft. Ruyonga

2. Nnyinimu – Exodus (Winner)

3. Ani – Levixone

Teeniez Hottest Collabo

1. Big Bumpa – Mun G & Kemishan (Winner)

2. Eva – Ykee benda ft Dj Roja & Sleek Stuart

3. Farmer RMX – Ykee Benda & Sheebah

4. What Did U do? – Fille and Nutty Neithan

Teeniez Hottest Hip-Hop Song

1. Yes/No – Fefe Busi (Winner)

2. Rider – Navio

3. Mudaala — Aethan Music Ft Keko, Tucker HD & JB

4. Day Ones – Flex D’Paper Ft Navio & Martha Smallz

Teeniez Beat Maker

1. Diggy Baur

2. Big Nash (Winner)

3. Nessim

4. The Wizzy

Teeniez Hood Rapper

1. Ruyonga

2. Da Agent (Winner)

3. Fefe Busi

4. Navio

Teeniez Breakout Artist

1. Ceaserous

2. Da Agent

3. Ykee Benda (Winner)

4. Fic Fameica

Teeniez Songwriter

1. Yesse Oman Rafiki

2. Ray Signature

3. Ykee Benda (Winner)

4. A Pass

Teeniez Hottest Comedian

1. Anne Kansiime (Winner)

2. Madrat & Chiko

3. Mariachi

4. Salvador

Teeniez Dancehall Artist/Group

1. Beenie Gunter

2. Nutty Neithan

3. Sheebah Karungi (Winner)

4. Vampino

5. Ziza Bafana

Teeniez Celebrity Stylist

1. Abryanz (Winner)

2. Slyvia Owori

3. Phiona Kirabo

4. Tazbone

5. Chuck Teeniez

Hottest Radio Personality

1. Denzel

2. Flavia Tumusiime

3. Mr Mosh (Winner)

4. Siima

Teeniez Funkiest Fm Station

1. XFM

2. Capital FM

3. Galaxy FM (Winner)

4. HOT 100

Teeniez Teen Tv Show Presenter

1. Crystal Panda (Winner)

2. Douglas Lwanga

3. Humphrey Wampula

4. Tina Fierce

Teeniez TV Show

1. Scoop on Scoop

2. T Nation

3. Teen City

4. The Beat Teeniez (Winner)

Hottest TV Personality

1. Anita Fabiola

2. Crystal Panda

3. Douglas Lwanga (Winner)

4. Flavia Tumusiime

Teeniez TV Station

1. NTV


3. UBC Magic (Winner)

4. Urban TV

School Categories

Teeniez Male Team

1. Namilyango Rugby Team

2. Kakungulu S.S Hockey Team

3. Kibuli S.S Football Team

4. St. Mary’s Kitende Football Team (Winner)

Teeniez Female Team

1. Kakungulu S.S Hockey Team

2. St. Mary’s Kitende Basketball Team

3. Kawempe Muslim S.S Football Team (Winner)

4. St. Mary’s Kitende Netball Team

Teeniez Male Sports Personality

1. Ivan Muwhezi – Buddo S.S

2. Allan Okello – Kibuli S.S.

3.Shafiq Muleme – Kakungulu Memorial

4. Pius Wanji – St Marys Kitende (Winner)

Teeniez Female Sports Personality

1. Joan Nampungu – St. Mary’s Kitende

2. Alum Fiddy – Kakungulu S.S

3. Nabbosa Mayimuna – Nabisunsa

4. Hasfa Nassuna – Kawempe Muslim (Winner)

Hivos Awards

Teeniez Preferred Icon Of Freedom Of Expression

1. Bobi Wine (Winner)

2. Humphrey Nabimanya

3. Tamale Mirundi

Teeniez Cool Political Leader

1. Gerald Karuhanga

2. Allan Sewanyana (Winner)

3. Jennifer Musisi

4. Rebecca Kadaga

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INSIDE STORY: How Radio and Weasel fell out with Chagga

Radio and Weasel pose with Chagga(L) on one of their trips abroad.

By BigEyeUg Team

Mid this week, reports marred social and mainstream media that Goodlyfe singing duo Radio and Weasel had relieved Geoffrey Kyagambidwa aka Chagga of his role as the manager.

These stories went so viral that the Mowzey Radio was forced to utter rather unfortunate statements. In an interview with Spark TV, Radio brushed off the rumor, deeming all journalists failures.

As the Goodlyfe camp continues to bury facts about the saga, BigEyeUG has obtained an inside scoop on how the duo and Chagga fell out.

How it Started

Shortly after appointing him manager, fame got into Chagga’s head, so much that he forgot about his hazy singing career.

After getting comfortable on his rather smooth job, Chagga reportedly developed weird manners that recently culminated into a scuffle with a woman in the UK.

While around the Goodlyfe, he felt big enough that he would start fights and quarrels even over the smallest of matters.

This however, wasn’t a big problem at all with the duo. He was living a life they once lived. Scuffles and fights once were part of their lives.

For the brand, however, this was a dent. A manager getting involved in such small fights isn’t something anyone would expect of him.

How GoodLyfe Fell Out with Him

As small issues of mistrust accumulated, little did Chagga know that the duo would find out his behind-the-curtain deals.

Trouble befell him recently when Mowzey Radio unearthed unscrupulous deals of the chubby manager including a farm he had recently acquired in Katende, Mpigi.

The furious Radio demanded for explanations on how he (the manager) could afford such juicy transactions yet he’s doing microscopic work for the group.

In the investigations that were also joined by Weasel and other camp members, they further found out that he actually had other plots of land in Nakawuka.

It’s at this time that the duo bitterly hurled profanities at him, including the fact that he can’t handle any business, not even the smallest assignments like securing radio and TV interviews.

One of the most embarrassing moments for the duo was at the recently held Morgan Heritage Live show in Kampala where Chagga failed to secure tickets earlier.

That, on top of enjoying endless journeys with little input in making the money, fueled the feud, until recently when he was laid off.

Why GoodLyfe wants to hide the Truth

Shortly after his axing, media reports swirled and took over the social scene, to the much disappointment of the duo who wanted to keep it a top secret until smooth transition is done.

The fact that Chagga is like a god-father of sorts to the singers, was pinching enough that they did not want him shamed or deprived of his status.

They never wanted to portray him as a fired man, but information leaked. It’s actually on such a foundation when media personalities made contact, a source maintained that Chagga had been laid off from his managerial post, but not fired.

Why Goodlyfe Respects Chagga

Weasel personally met Chagga after he had just completed his Senior Four. By then, Chagga was a household name in Leone Island that he was at one point considered the Vice president.

The two met when Weasel started staying with Jose Chameleone at his home in Nyanama, before shifting to Seguku.

With a lot of respect for Chagga, Weasel also started out his singing career but couldn’t get a single coin from his elder brother Chameleone who would only pay Chagga after shows and other performances.

Chagga, out of his love for music and nurturing talent, would help Weasel with some money, until when Chameleone chose to foot whatever bill they had in different bars they went.

Around the same time, Chagga slowly introduced Mowzey Radio to Leone Island in a process that wasn’t smooth at all. Chameleone, for reasons of trust and others, never got a long with Radio and his stay at the camp almost suffered a miscarriage.

It was Chagga’s intervention and persuasion that compelled Chameleone to offer Radio a chance to showcase his talent.

Still at campus by then, Radio would come from Campus to Blue Africa, where Chameleone had a theme night with his other members of the crew.

Slowly, Radio gained Chameleone’s trust and he’d occasionally let him do a back up of his songs during live shows.

It was after releasing his debut songs “Jennifer” and “Sweet Lady” that Chameleone recognized Radio as a member of Leone Island.

Long story short, Chagga, after some unestablished issues, quit Leone Island, leaving Weasel as Chameleone’s immediate backup singer and number two.

Clearly, he has had a hand in the careers of both singers, who later appointed him as a manager even when they knew that he had no prior know-how.

Sources believe, it’s the same reason why they do not want to publicly drag his name through the mud.

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