UBTEB Sign MoU with UMA On Skills Dev’t

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By Our Reporter UBTEB Sign MoU with UMA On Skills Dev’t

By Venenscias Kiiza

The Uganda Business and Technical Examinations Board (Ubteb) has partnered with Uganda Manufacturers’ Association (UMA), Uganda Association of Private Vocational Institutions (UGAPRIVI) and Coalition of Uganda Private School Teachers Association (COUPSTA) to ensure skilled work force that Uganda needs to boost incomes and employment and to compete in regional and global market.

This was witnessed through the signing of a 5 year long MOU , which according to UBTEB’s executive secretary OnesimusOyesigye ,demonstrates the commitment and trust in UBTEB’s mode of assessment to raise a generation of graduates that meet the ever-changing demands of the world of work especially industrialists and Manufacturers in Uganda and beyond.

Speaking at the signing ceremony, at the Uganda Media Centre in Kampala, Oyesigye, said the country needs to boost its income and employment with competent and self-reliant citizens.

“Every year, industry [captains] complain about the quality of our graduates. Now that we have employers of the graduates on board, we shall be able to produce ready products for the market,” Oyesigye said. In line with the 2012/13 2021/22 Skilling Uganda strategy, Oyesigye said UBTEB would ensure that quality competence-based assessment is enhanced with the aim of producing skilled personnel for global and regional markets.

He added that with the UMA alliance, there will be joint efforts in policy development, industrial training and quality assurance. As the Board, he pledged to work with the regional Directors of UGAPRIVI together with the relevant Departments and Agencies of Ministry of Education and Sports to enhance the quality of assessment and skill provision; adding that “the Government of Uganda in the Skilling Uganda is committed to providing equitable access to skills development and in this regard, UBTEB will work with the BTVET department and DES to ensure that the UGAPRIVI institutions are licensed and equally accredited as UBTEB examinations centres”.

He said, with COUPSTA’s good track record in lobbying, advocacy and participation in education policy formulation among others, sets them apart in enabling the popularisation of the mandate of UBTEB and its contributions towards skills development in Uganda.

UGAPRIVI national chairman Adrian Ndemere said the partnership had come at a time when several private institutions were graduating students every year with unaccredited programmes.

“As an association, we have 862 known private vocational institutions but also, over 300 don’t care to belong to any association or coalition,” Ndemere said. “These are institutions we need to help because they have good intentions to offer skills but are either not guided or get difficulties in registering for examination centers.”

According to Mubaraka Nkuutu Kirunda, the acting executive director of Uganda Manufacturers Association (UMA), the MOU would help in developing skills of students at all education levels that are abreast with theory but lack practical and entrepreneurial skills.

The Board over the years has enjoyed cordial relations with various Ministries, Departments, Agencies and other organizations including Uganda Local Government Association (ULGA), Uganda National teacher Union (UNATU), District Education Officers (DEOs) forum, Office of Prime Minister and Ministry of Information and Communication Technology and National Guidance in order to promote UBTEB’s mandate and the programs examined by the Board.

It is therefore an honor to associate and partner with COUPSTA in creating awareness on UBTEB and the role of Vocational and Technical Education in Uganda towards skills development for job creation.

Source:: Red Pepper Uganda