If you want to buy Maruti Suzuki car cheaply, then there is a good chance now. The company is offering good discounts on Maruti cars from the dealers. Due to the new BSVI emission norms coming into effect from April 1, discounts are being offered on Maruti BSIV diesel cars, as well as discounts are being offered on BSVI models as well. This discount is on cars sold from both Arena and Nexa outlets.

The discount available on Maruti BSIV diesel cars is in the range of 67000-86000 rupees. The opportunity to buy BSIV and BSVI models cheaply is only in March 2020. Here the discount detail on Maruti Suzuki models .

Maruti diesel car will not be available from April
Maruti Suzuki has decided not to sell diesel cars from April 2020. He has made almost all his models BSVI compliant, which are now coming with a petrol engine. The diesel engine is only available in the BSIV model. The company has recently launched the petrol Vitara Brezza.

(Note: Discount is from dealers. Hence its range may vary on different models and at different dealers. More information can be obtained from the nearest Maruti Suzuki dealership.)

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