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Bhediya Movie
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Director: Amar Kaushik

Date Created: 2023-05-28 10:48

Editor's Rating:


  • Bhediya is a well-made, visually intriguing horror comedy.
  • Although the plot was straightforward and predictable, this type of notion is fresh to Bollywood and Indian film.
  • Comedy was effective and never felt out of place, and Abhishek Banerjee in particular did quite well.


  • Bhediya Movie promoted as a horror-comedy but there was not a single scene were we had laughed or get scared.
  • Screenplay is super slow in first half and before interval you get to know what will be the whole story.

Bhediya Movie OTT Release Date:

The film Bhediya, starring Varun Dhawan and Kriti Sanon, could not be located on the over-the-top (OTT) platform Jio Cinema. Bhediya Movie OTT Release Date was originally set for April 21, 2023 but now it’s postponed. Over the last weekend, it was featured as one of the best films that could be watched on OTT. It takes a movie that has been released in theatres at least three months, on average, before it becomes available on streaming services.

Bhediya Movie OTT Release Date
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November 2022 saw the debut of Bhediya in theatres across the country. Because Jio Cinema did not disclose any information about the delay in the movie’s release, fans were scrambling to figure out the reason why the release did not take place. There is no doubting that fans are dissatisfied, and a good number of them have resorted to social media in order to express their frustration because the movie did not debut on the date that was originally planned.

Bhediya Movie Cast With Photos

Varun Dhawan as Bhaskar

Kriti Sanon as Dr. Anika

Abhishek Banerjee

Deepak Dobriyal

Know Bhediya Movie OTT Release Date, Download Link, Cast, Review 7

Abhinay Raj Singh

image 1
Know Bhediya Movie OTT Release Date, Download Link, Cast, Review 8

Bhediya Movie Secondary Cast

  • Arnob Khan Akib as Chahal
  • Rishad Mahmud as Rishad
  • Backagaindancer as Adarsh
  • Muqadas Farooq Awan
  • Krupesh Patoliya
  • Ammar Taalwala
  • Joynal Abeden
  • Bhavesh Lohar
  • Sharik Khan
  • Vikky Kumar
  • Bishal Da

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Bhediya Movie Detail Story

In this cross-genre film, which was shot in the remote region of Ziro, Arunachal Pradesh, Varun Dhawan gives a performance as the character Bhaskar. The narrative of the film Bhediya is one that is replete with scenes that inspire wonder. Everyone on the cast and crew was aware that they were a part of something incredibly exceptional when it came to the casting process. It is not only the ground-breaking VFX; the movie is a revels for the eyes in every element within reach, the director of the movie, Amar Kaushik, stated in a prepared announcement of the film’s release. The principal characters in the monster comedy and horror film Bhediya are created by Amar Kaushik.

Bhediya Movie Download 720p
Know Bhediya Movie OTT Release Date, Download Link, Cast, Review 9

Bhediya movie Bhediya is a movie that was produced by Dinesh Vijan and centres on the narrative of a demon. The plot has its origins in popular mythology and was inspired by the legendary tales of Arunachal Pradesh, which is also where the filming of Bhediya took place. Vijan’s horror comedic world is expanded upon in the film Bhediya, which also serves as Vijan’s second collaboration with the film’s creator, Amar Kaushik.

Recently, Varun Dhawan published his first look from the film Banner of Bhediya on his Instagram account. In addition to the Banner, he also announced the announcement date of the much anticipated movie. As soon as he posted the post, many people, including Alia Bhatt, Shashank Khaitan, Mouni Roy, Huma Qureshi, Abhishek Bachchan, Swara Bhaskar, Anil Kapoor, Varun Sharma, and Dino Morea, applauded the actor. In theatres on November 25th, 2023.

Bhediya Movie Trailer Review

The teaser for ‘Bhediya Movie Download’ is not only going to keep up the suspense and fear from the beginning to the end, but it is also going to be funny. This movie has plenty of suspense, a wild ride, and a lot of hilarious satire all rolled into one package.

Bhediya Movie Trailer

The Story of the Bhediya Movie Download is told from the perspective of Varun Dhawan, and during one scene, Varun reveals that “outside the dogs are calling me Fufa Ji-full Jim,” while Jim and his friends are shown laughing about it. Varun is surrounded by snakes, frightening wolves, and the baat of the forest. Chali hai…pata chala hai…chaddi pehen kar phool khila hai…phool khila hai…the almost quick trailer that ends on the music doesn’t allow you to move at all.

The film has cinematography, visual effects, ambient music, and sequences set in the forest that are detailed and terrifying. As soon as Varun lets his comrades know that a wolf has gone inside of me, Varun’s companions start screaming out of fear. This is the point at which I become afraid.

Amar Kaushik, whose previous film credits include ‘Stree’ and ‘Bala,’ is responsible for building up an enormous amount of anticipation in the teaser. After seeing the teaser, it appears that there is a growing number of people waiting in queue.

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“Bhediya Movie Download” FAQ

What is the release date of the Bhediya Movie?

The Web Series Will be released on 24 November 2022 in theaters’.

Who is the director of the Bhediya Movie?

Amar Kaushik

Who is the producer of the Bhediya Movie?

Dinesh Vijan

How to Bhediya Movie Watch Online?

You can watch Bhediya Movie online on Jio Cinema App.

What is the genre of the Bhediya Movie?

Bhediya Movie is a Thriller movie premiering on Jio Cinema App.

Bhediya Movie OTT Release Date?

Bhediya Movie OTT Release Date was originally set for April 21, 2023 but now it’s postponed.

If you use a torrent service, Telegram, or Dailymotion to get the Bhediya Movie. Let us start by informing you that downloading or viewing pirated copies of any films without the owner’s permission is prohibited and that you risk going to jail or paying a hefty fine if you are found.

There has been no distribution of any Bhediya Movie-related unauthorised content in this article. Additionally, we have simply supplied the information from the torrent domain for educational purposes. We want to be clear that we are not doing any advertising, not even through articles. No pirated websites are supported by Piratery is fiercely opposed by 24*7 News. Additionally, we suggest that none of our readers engage in piracy.

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