Corona virus havoc: 11 lakh crores of investors cleared in 1 week, these shares are the biggest broken

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The domestic stock market has suffered such a sting of the Corona virus that within just 7 trading days the Sensex has broken more than 6 percent or more than 2600 points. The Nifty has also fallen 6.5 percent, ie around 790 points. During this time, the investors also got a big shock and their more than Rs 10 lakh crore became clear. During this period, shares have fallen by 34 percent. Explain that due to Corona virus, there is a decline in the stock markets around the world, the effect of which is also visible on the domestic market. US markets fell for 6 consecutive days, while today domestic markets are also seeing weakness for the sixth consecutive day.

Sensex breaks 2700 points in 1 week
The Sensex closed at 41323 on February 19. At the same time, it dropped 1100 points to 38551 level in the business of 28 February. That is, it fell by 2772 points within 7 business days. On 19 February, the market share of listed companies on the BSE was Rs 158.71 lakh crore. At the same time, it decreased to 147.77 lakh crore rupees in today’s business. That is, it fell by Rs 11 lakh crore within 7 business days.

Top breaking stocks in 1 week
Future Consumer: 34%
Adani Transmission: 27%
Tejas Network: 27%
Adani Gas: 26%
GIC: 22%
ITDC: 20%
Pollen Milk: 19.70%
Prestige Estate: 19%
Firstsource Solutions: 18.76%
Avanti Feeds: 18%

Effect will remain for a quarter
According to brokerage house MK Global, the corona virus infection has been stretched for a long time, which is affecting the industry of China and its trade-related countries. China accounts for about 12 per cent of the world’s exports. Let us know that China has a big export in many countries including India, and the necessary parts coming from there are used by domestic companies. In such a situation, the impact of disrupting the manufacturing supply chain will be at least 3 months on these companies. It also includes Agro Chemicals, Metals, Pharma, Oil and Gas, Chemical and Auto Industries.

2800 death so far from Corona
Total Cases: 83,000
Death: 28,000
Recover: 28,110
Number of Infected at present: 49,776
Mild Cases: 40,556 (81%)
Critical Cases: 9220 (19%)

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