COVID Impact on Investors Wealth: Corona virus has created a furore all over the world, originating from China. An emergency situation has come in many countries of the world. There is a risk of recession in many big economies including American, China, India and Japan. As a result, global sales are going on, due to which millions of crores of investors were drowned in the domestic stock market. In the last 1 month, both the Sensex and Nifty major indices have fallen by more than 27–27 percent. 98% shares in the broad market are trading in red mark. At present, the market cap of companies listed on BSE has fallen by Rs 43.34 lakh crore during the last 1 month in this lift plate.

How much broken in Sensex and Nifty points
Talking since February 19, in the past one month, the Sensex has fallen by about 11521 points, i.e. 28 per cent. At the same time, during the Nifty there has been a big drop of 3372 points i.e. 28.12 percent. Nifty Bank lost 10229.70 points i.e. 33.47 percent during this period. The BSE 500 has lost 4338.80 points ie 27.79 percent. The midcap index has lost 4280.55 points or 27.75 percent during this period.

43 lakh crores of investors
On 19 February, the market cap of listed companies on BSE was Rs 1,58,71,065.31 crore. At the same time, on March 18, it came down to Rs 1,15,36,286.29 crore at 12:30 pm. That is, the investors who invested in the stock lost Rs 43.34 lakh crore in 1 month.

Top losers in lodge cap
IndusInd Bank 62%
ONGC 41%
Axis Bank 41%
SBI 36%
Tata Steel 36%
Bajaj Finance 35%
ICICI Bank 35%
RIL 33%

BSE 500: 1 month top losers
Tata Chemicals 70%
Future Retail 66%
IndusInd Bank 63%
Welspun Corp 62%
Intelect Design 59%
Magma Fincorp 59%

Gayatri Project 57%
ITDC 57%

How much decline in which sector
BSE IT 28.44%
BSE FMCG 18.57%
BSE Capital Goods 24.90%
BSE Consumer Durables 23.51%
BSE Health 17.29%
BSE Tech 27.55%
BSE PSU 28.44%
BSE Bank 33.47%
BSE Auto 26.95%
BSE Metal 34.66%
BSE Oil & Gas 28.94%
BSE Realty 32.76%
BSE Power 22.09%

(These figures are up to 12:30 pm on March 18 during intraday.)

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