Corona virus has disturbed the sleep of billionaires around the world. The wealth of billionaires is declining drastically as business activity slows down. India’s richest man Mukesh Ambani has not survived the shadow of Corona. Since January 1, in less than 3 months, Mukesh Ambani’s wealth has decreased by about 42 percent. That is, out of every 100 crore rupees, his 42 crore rupees was reduced. Not only this, after a long time due to Corona, Mukesh Ambani has been out of the list of top 20 billionaires included in Bloomberg Billionaire Index.

$ 3,440 million in wealth
According to the Bloomberg Billionaires Index by 11 am on March 20, Mukesh Ambani wealth had fallen to $ 3,440 million, or Rs 2,56,280 crore. While his total wealth as on 1 January 2020 was Rs 4,36,570 crore. That is, it decreased by about Rs 1,80,290 crore. This is 42 percent in terms of percentage.

Mukesh Ambani has also been out of the top 20 list after a long time on the index. Ambani slipped from 19th position to 20th position on Thursday. At the same time, on Friday, March 20, Ambani has come at 21st position. China’s Jackma is at 18th position with 4190 crores dollars. At the same time, Mackenzie Bezos of America has come in 19th place with $ 374 million and Pony Ma of China has come in 20th place with $ 354 million.

This is the list of top 5
1. Jeff Bezos, US
Total Wealth: $ 11600 Million
This Year: $ 120 Million Wealth Increased

2. Bill Gates, America
Total wealth: $ 9450 million
this year: $ 1870 million in assets

3. Warren Buffett, US
Total wealth: $ 6880 million
this year: $ 2050 million

4. Mark Zuckerberg, America
Total wealth: 5890 million dollars
this year: $ 1950 million wealth decreased

5. Bernard Arnault, France
Total wealth: 5790 million dollars
this year: $ 4730 million wealth decreased

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