M-cap of 7 companies out of top 10 increased by Rs 32,020 crore, HDFC Bank and RIL benefit most

M-cap of 7 companies out of top 10 increased by Rs 32,020 crore, HDFC Bank and RIL benefit most

The market capitalization (market cap) of seven of the top 10 companies of the Sensex increased by Rs 32,020.12 crore in total last week. HDFC Bank and Reliance Industries saw the highest growth in market capitalization. The m-cap of TCS, HDFC, Hindustan Unilever, ICICI Bank and Kotak Mahindra Bank also increased during the week under review. However, the market cap of Infosys, State Bank of India (SBI) and ITC declined.

HDFC Bank’s market capitalization rose by Rs 8,270.31 crore to Rs 7,02,812.11 crore last week. Along with this, the market capitalization of Reliance Industries (RIL) increased by Rs 6,624.47 crore to Rs 9,81,118.53 crore, Hindustan Unilever increased by Rs 5,412.03 to Rs 4,22,950.16 crore, Kotak Mahindra Bank increased by Rs 5,092.83 crore to Rs 3,21,856.51 crore. Rs, 8,30,721.69 crore, TCS increased by Rs 5,046.96 crore, ICICI Bank rose by Rs 985.65 crore to Rs 3,49,517.89 crore and HDFC’s m-cap rose by Rs 587.87 crore to Rs 4,25,020.05 crore.

Condition of the remaining 3 companies

However, Infosys’ market cap declined by Rs 3,336.45 crore to Rs 3,14,393.82 crore, State Bank of India fell by Rs 1,338.69 crore to Rs 2,96,520.22 crore and ITC’s m-cap by Rs 553.1 crore to Rs 2,92,528.79 crore. Gone.

RIL tops the rankings

Reliance Industries remained the top company in terms of market capitalization. It was followed by TCS, HDFC Bank, HDFC, Hindustan Unilever, ICICI Bank, Kotak Mahindra Bank, Infosys, State Bank of India and ITC.

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