While Neha has spoken on this issue many times, Himansh Kohli has been seen speaking after 14 months of the breakup, Himansh Kohli has accused him of making him a bilen, stating his pain. Himansh Kohli mentioned that “a lot of things happened at that time. But I didn’t want to talk about them all. I just wanted to say that she (Neha) did not want to move forward in the relationship. So we separated by mutual agreement .” He further mentioned that “She decided to move forward in life. I respected her. But it didn’t take time for the story to take a new turn. Every time she posted something on social media and I came under target. ”

Himansh stated that, “I was the Talk of the Town. Because whenever she posted something, people started trolling me. I felt like everybody was misunderstanding me”. ”

According to Himansh, he was losing confidence in talking to women and was comforted by meditation. He was quite serious in the relationship and was planning to marry Neha. But he was shattered when he was accused of using Neha.

Himansh adds, “I couldn’t do much work when the two of us were together. Because I was traveling with her for her shows, so that we could spend more and more time together.”

Himansh further adds, “In those months I had enough Work went out. After that people started accusing me of cheating on her and everything was over. Thankfully after a few months she made it clear and told me that I did not cheat her. Was. It came after things better. I’ve come in the forefront now. ”

According to Himansh, his first meeting with Neha Kakkar was in 2017 when he was promoting one of his films. The two became friends and then entered into a relationship. Let us know that there was a lot of discussion about the breakup of Himansh and Neha in December 2018.

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