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Bigg Boss 13: Rashami Desai brother flashes like Mahira Sharma’s mother Parburi


The controversy related to Bigg Boss 13 is not being named. In this show of Salman Khan, the situation of fighting has become such that people are fighting in the house of Bigg Boss, their family members sitting outside are also getting entangled among themselves. Particularly there has been controversy over the statements of Mahira Sharma’s mother to Shehnaz Gill, Asim Riaz and Rashami Desai’s mother. Now Rashami Desai’s brother has also come down in the whole fight. Rashami Desai’s brother has taken objection to Mahira Sharma’s mother’s bedroom statement. Know what the whole scene is about –

The quarrel begins with the statement of Sidharth Shukla. During an episode, Sidharth Shukla revealed how Rashami Desai once followed him to Goa. On this, Mahira Sharma’s mother Sania Sharma said that now only the stories of Goa have come, the bedroom will also come out.

The audience did not like this about Mahira Sharma’s mother and she heard the scuffle on social media. A large number of people say that Sania Sharma as a woman can say such a mild thing.

Now in an interview, Gaurav Desai, brother of Rashami Desai has said that sorry aunt, but I am very upset with your comment. You are a mother and have been saying such things in interviews. This is a very bad thing.

Sania Sharma has clarified after such a reaction from Rashami Desai’s brother. He says that I did not say anything incorrectly on the bedroom. I meant inside things. I have explained these things in my second interview. By the way, many wrong things have been said about my daughter.


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