Sonu Sood took loan of 10 crores to help people, mortgaged private property


Mumbai: Actor Sonu Sood, who has helped people since the early days of the Corona epidemic, is still seen very well today. The actor has so far given financial support to thousands of people. That is why Sonu is also being called the messiah of the poor. Meanwhile, another big news has come about Sonu Sood. After knowing that, Sonu’s respect in the eyes of people has increased even more.

On Twitter, people are delayed just to tweet that Sonu Sood is ready to help them. The actor has remained in the limelight due to the consistent good work done by him. Meanwhile, news has come that Sonu has taken a big step to help the people. The actor has taken a loan of Rs 10 crore by pledging his personal and valuable belongings so that he can continue to help people and give new life to a person.

Sonu Sood has mortgaged 8 properties to help the needy. With this, he has taken a loan of Rs 10 crore and continues his noble work. According to the Moneycontrol report, Sonu has mortgaged 2 of his shops and 6 flats. The owners of these properties are Sonu Sood and his wife Sonali. Both of whom have pledged to help people with consent.

However, there is no statement from Sonu Sood regarding this report. Recently, the actor also released a helpline number for the needy. Along with this, actors are also more active on social media. From time to time, Sonu is also seen responding to the funny tweets of fans.

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