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Happy Kiss Day 2020: Today is Kiss Day, Why is Kiss Day celebrated? Know the reason


Kiss Day is celebrated on the every 13 February of Valentines Week. Kiss Day is considered the most romantic day of Valentine’s Week. This day is considered to be especially important for loving couples. On this day, loving couples kiss each other and show their unwavering love towards each other. On this day, couples express their love for each other through kisses and tell them about their heart. If you too have a partner and you are also in a relationship, then through whom you must definitely express your love. To make this day special, try to spend maximum time with your partner. Apart from this, you can also surprise plans.

It is believed that kissing on this day deepens love even more. On this day, the couples kiss each other to show their love. Kissing not only increases love, but also increases respect for each other. However, due to being busy with work, people are unable to tell their love about their heart, in such a situation, on which occasion you can share your heart’s talk with your partner via message.

Kissing is good for health
Do you know that kissing is good for health. Kissing transfers 80 million good bacteria in just 10 seconds. These bacteria are very beneficial for your body, which not only keeps the immune system good, but also gives the body the strength to fight many diseases. During kisses, a hormone called adrenalin is formed in the body, which is very beneficial for the heart. It helps the heart to get pumped for circulation throughout the body. It helps in reducing blood pressure and keeping blood circulation in the body.

At the same time, saliva produced in the mouth removes cavity from teeth and kills bacteria. Kissing is also beneficial to reduce calories. During one minute kiss, two to three calories are burnt. Not only this, it also increases the metabolic rate of the body.


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