A daily wage laborer from Kannur in Kerala has become a millionaire overnight. The fate of this person named Perunnan Rajan opened on February 10 when he got a lottery of Rs 12 crore. This lottery, named Christmas-New Year Bumper Lottery, belongs to the Government of Kerala. After the agency’s commission and tax cut, about 7 crore rupees will come to Rajan’s account.

Rajan is 58 years old and lives in Tholambra area of ​​Malur. Despite the poor financial condition of the family, he always used to buy lottery tickets, thinking that someday his luck will definitely change. Prior to this, Rajan has won small prizes like 1000, 2000, 5000 rupees in lottery.

The house is falling in the bank

Rajan’s house is in the bank. He took a loan from the bank to build his house and marry his daughter. Due to not being able to repay the loan, he had to keep the house mortgaged. One day Raj went to the bank to talk about his loan and on the same day he bought the ticket for the Kerala government lottery.

Want to do something for the needy

Rajan’s wife’s name is Rajni and she is a temporary staff member at the local Anganwadi. They have three children – two daughters and a son. Regarding the use of money received in lottery, Rajan says that he will first settle his liabilities with this money. He also wants to teach his younger daughter and wants to expand the house. After that I would like to do something for the needy people.


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