Is Siddharth in Love with Shehnaaz, Siddharth Shukla Answer Surprised Everyone

After 'Bigg Boss 13', Siddharth Shukla and Shahnaz Kaur Gill once again came on Shahnaz's show 'Mujhse Shaadi Karoge'. When Shahnaz asked Siddharth to marry Siddharth on the show, Siddharth gave her such an answer, which you will be absolutely sure to hear.


Siddharth came on the show as a friend. On seeing Siddharth, Shehnaaz embraced him. After this, Siddhartha started approaching Shehnaaz. Siddharth said that ‘There is a quality in him which I think should be inside everyone. We had a quarrel many times in the house, but by the end of the day, our quarrel was over and the next day there was a new beginning.

Shehnaaz becomes happy after hearing these things of Siddharth. She tells Siddharth in front of everyone that ‘You are getting married now, so you are praising her’. In reply Siddhartha says, ‘Now let’s see, first you see here.’ Siddharth’s entry in the show was also strong. During the show, Manish Paul told Shehnaaz ‘You have heard that love is blind. Keeping that in mind, today we will choose the groom for you. ‘

Manish ties Shehnaaz’s eyes and tries to judge the boys by holding them. As soon as Shehnaaz moves forward and grabs a boy’s hand, he stops a little. After this, Shehnaaz says to Manish – ‘I was feeling the Siddharth Shukla by holding it which was not the last one.’ After this, Shehnaaz removes the blindfold and is happy to see Siddharth.


Apart from Siddharth, Rashmi Desai also came on the show. Both of them came to help Paras and Shehnaaz as friends on the show. However, the final decision will be in the hands of Shehnaaz and Paras. Let me tell you, Shehnaaz has said many times in the show and after the show that she is in love with Siddharth Shukla.

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