The second COVID-19 test of Bollywood singer Kanika Kapoor, who was infected by Corona virus, has also come positive. Kanika’s housemates raised questions about the first test. The condition of Kanika is said to be stable at present.

According to the Times report, Kanika was tested for corona virus on Monday at Sanjay Gandhi PGI in Lucknow, which turned out to be positive. She is also being treated there. According to doctors, Kanika health is stable now.

In the first test report, some people of Kanika’s house had described the report as suspicious because some things went wrong. Kanika’s gender and age were written wrongly in this report. She was written as male and was written at 28 years of age, test findings were written positive.

The PGI was re-tested to rule out any doubt. Earlier Kanika had also made allegations about the facilities being provided in the hospital, to which the hospital administration said that Kanika should cooperate instead of behaving like a celebrity.

Kanika came from London to Lucknow on 10 March. They are accused that instead of going to quarantine after traveling abroad, they continued to meet people and have parties. Kanika met 10-12 people in Mumbai, BMC has formed 2 teams to search for them. In Lucknow, she had a party at a five-star hotel, attended by many celebrities.

After Kanika COVID-19 test positive, all these tests have been done, which have turned negative. Although all are in quarantine. UP police has also filed a report for being negligent against Kanika. Cases have been registered against Kanika in sections 188, 269 and 270 of the Indian Penal Code. This complaint has been lodged by the CMO of Lucknow.

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