Social media is a different world in itself, on which people give each other many challenges, which people fulfill and make their videos and upload them on social media. In the recent past, many such challenges have gone viral on social media, including Ice-Bucket Challenge, Kiki Challenge and Momo Challenge, which are quite popular. Today, a challenge is also going viral on social media in the name of ‘Broome Challenge’.After this, many Surrey users completed this challan by uploading such videos, which included many other celebrities.

What is Broome Challenge
This challenge has come from NASA. In which NASA said that 10 February 2020 was a day when the broom could stand on its own to do something with the force of gravity.

It was described by some social media users as saying that it was related to the current gravity of the Earth and the location in the universe. After being first launched by NASA, it was said that this challenge will be made possible due to the gravitational pull of the Earth on Monday. However, NASA has no evidence to substantiate all these claims.


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