Image instagrammed by Neha Kakkar

Bollywood’s popular singer Neha Kakkar is always on social media. She has given such information that after which she has again come into the headlines. Actually, Neha Kakkar has bought a very nice bungalow in Rishikesh, whose pictures she has shared on her official Instagram account. Along with sharing beautiful pictures of Rishikesh bungalow, she has also told an inspirational story.


Neha Kakkar has shared pictures of her bungalow and has also shared pictures of the old house. She wrote in the caption: “This bungalow we bought in Rishikesh and next to this is the picture of my old house, where I was born and our whole family lived in a room. In this room the mother kept the table, which was our kitchen. And this room was not even ours, we were paying rent. Now if I see my bungalow in the same city, then I become emotional. ” Neha Kakkar has shared her inspirational story with fans like this.


Let me tell you that the news of Neha Kakkar and Aditya Narayan’s marriage in the past had become very viral. Udit Narayan in his first interview while talking about Neha Kakkar and Aditya Narayan’s marriage said, “Aditya is our only son, I and my wife would be very happy if rumors of her and Neha’s marriage were true. Neha is a very lovely girl, and we would love to make her our daughter-in-law. ” Let me tell you that while Neha Kakkar was judging the Indian Idol show, Aditya Narayan was hosting the show. Apart from this, Neha and Aditya have also appeared in the recent Goa Beach Song together.

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