There are more than 119 countries in the world under the shadow of Corona virus. Due to this epidemic, work has stopped in many cities of India. At the same time, Bollywood has also postponed the release of films due to this epidemic. However, in spite of all this Salman Khan is shooting for his film Radhey.

According to the Mumbai Mirror report, despite the fear of Corona virus, the shooting of Radhe film is going on. However, complete care is being taken on the set. According to sources, the safety guidelines issued by the World Health Organization are being followed on the set.

Many parts of Radhey have already been shot in Mumbai. Apart from Salman Khan in Radhe, Disha Patni and Jackie Shroff. At the same time, Randeep Hooda is in a negative role in this film. Prabhudeva is directing Radhe. This film will be released on 22 May, on the occasion of Eid.

Azerbaijan schedule was canceled before Radhe. A special song of this film was to be shot in Azerbaijan. Salman, Disha Patni and the rest of the crew members had to go to shoot this song.

Azerbaijan has to travel via Dubai and Doha. Flights to Dubai and Doha have a five-hour flight. Both these places have the effect of corona virus. In this situation, precautionary shooting is canceled.

Salman Khan had canceled the US tour due to Corona virus, Salman Khan has canceled the fan event Up Close and Personal with Salman Khan in the US. The event was to be held in the US and Canada from April 3 to April 12. Salman’s concert was organized by his brother Sohail Khan.

Salman would meet his fans in Atlanta, New Jersey, Boston, Toronto, Dallas, Houston, San Jose and Seattle through this event. According to Salman Khan’s manager- ‘Traveling is not right at this time. A new date for the concert will be announced once the threat subsides. ‘

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