Singer Sonu Nigam has placed himself and his family in self-isolation in the wake of the coronavirus epidemic. Speaking to Mid-Day, Sonu said, “I was in the Himalayas till 5 March and then my concert in Mumbai was postponed, so I decided to stay with my family in Dubai till 17 March. I have to wait until the situation becomes normal. I do not want to be caught in seclusion and do not burden the officers already burdened. ‘

Along with this, he has also informed about the precautions taken regarding COVID-19.

He added, ‘I like being with my father and sister, but I feel that I could potentially be dangerous for them due to the slightest mistake of getting on and off the plane at Dubai and Mumbai airports. ‘

Sonu said, ‘We are staying at home, Nivan (Sonu’s son) is studying in Dubai and his school is closed, so we have a lot to do inside the house. You do not go out unless it is absolutely necessary. ‘

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