Home Entertainment This picture of Anushka Sharma is going viral, standing with Virat Kohli

This picture of Anushka Sharma is going viral, standing with Virat Kohli


Even after the end of the cricket series with New Zealand, Virat Kohli stayed in New Zealand and spent quality time with Anushka Sharma. Both were seen on the public spot from there and the fans also shared many photos. Another such picture has emerged. The photo is from the Blades of Glory Cricket Museum, where Virat Kohli and Anushka Sharma arrived. The two spoke with the museum owner and his family there. Both of them are very big fans of Virat and Anushka. Its photo has been released on Instagram. In the photo, Anushka Sharma is sitting with a papi in her hand. Nearby stands Virat Kohli. Both are very casual and look relaxed.

Virat Kohli is wearing a pink colored T-shirt and jeans, while Anushka Sharma sits on the couch in a white T-shirt with classic denim jeans. The way Anushka Sharma holds Pappi with both hands, it can be guessed that how much he is worried about Pappy by his beloved.

After this photo went viral on social media, fans’ comments have started coming. One fan wrote, “After all the negativity of the ODI series in New Zealand, now something positive has been seen.” At the same time, a large number of users liked the style of Anushka Sharma, in which they have held Pappy. A large number of people are liking this style of both stars.


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