This TV Actress was famous three years ago, now losing identity


It is often said about Bollywood and TV that people here become stars overnight but this thing makes it dangerous because overnight many stars also come on the floor with havoc. There have been many who have suddenly disappeared from the screen after being successful in films. The same happens with some TV actors. There is one such TV actress who was very famous till three years ago. This actress was seen in a famous serial of TV. After being successful for five consecutive years, the actress never appeared on TV again.

The name of this actress is Kanika Maheshwari. She worked with Deepika Singh in the serial ‘Diya Aur Baati Hum’. Deepika played the role of ‘Sandhya’ in this show and became famous in the house. With this character, another character of the show became famous and that was ‘Meena Bhabhi’. This character was also a topic of discussion in every household. This character has been in people’s minds since the show was closed, but the actress Kanika who plays it is nowhere to be seen.

Kanika has not worked in any show since 2017. This actress, who looked very hot and beautiful, once knew people in every house, whereas today it is alam that her identity is being lost. By the way, what she is doing these days and whether she will be seen on TV again in the coming time… There is no news about this.

Almost all the characters in the show where Kanika played ‘Meena Bhabhi’ became very famous and the serial started from 2011 and went on till 2016. There were 1487 episodes of the show. After the closure of this serial, which ruled the hearts of people for five years, the actors associated with it appeared in other serials but not Meena Bhabhi.

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