Singers Neha Kakkar and Aditya Narayan have been a part of the headlines for many days. There were reports of their marriage on the sets of Indian Idol 11. Once upon a time, the bachelor party was shown in some episodes and the ritual of Chunni was done in some episodes. Not only this, Udit Narayan along with his wife and Neha Kakkar’s parents also came on the set to establish a relationship. According to reports, the two were to tie the knot on February 14. But now Aditya’s father Udit has told that this wedding ceremony was just a drama and has given the reason behind it.

In an interview to Bollywood Hungama, Udit Narayan said, this marriage drama has been done to raise the rating of Indian Idol 11. Which Aditya Host and Neha Kakkar are judging.

He further said- Aditya is our only son. We are waiting for her marriage. If this marriage news comes true then me and my wife will be the happiest parents of these worlds. But Aditya has not shared such a thing with us yet.

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Udit Narayan said- If the news of marriage is true then we will be very happy to make Neha a part of our family. I doubt the news of Neha and Aditya’s marriage has been spread only to increase the TRP of Indian Idol 11.

Let me tell you, a song by Neha and Aditya is going to be released on Goa Beach on 11 February. These songs have been sung by Neha and her brother Tony. The song has been shot on Neha and Aditya Narayan.

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