Valentine’s Week starts today. Today, Rose Day is celebrated on 7 February. Today, you can express your feelings by giving rose flowers to your loved ones. Yes, one thing to keep in mind here is what is the color of your day. The color of your rose flower will tell what the feelings are for your front. Different colors are associated with the color of each rose. As red rose is used to express love, yellow rose expresses feelings of friendship.

Yellow rose or red, each color is for different relationships. Often people give red roses to their loved ones, but it is not so that there are more roses that you can give to your friend or a family member. Let’s know what is the importance of each rose

Today, Valentine’s Day Week has started from Rose Day on 07 February. Today, the loving couple makes their partner feel special by giving them rose flowers. Not only this, two lovers today express their love through the rose. Can say that the week of love starts from this day itself. Since this day, couples like Chocolate, Day, Hug Day, Kiss Day all celebrate with great love..

Normally the red rose flowers are very close to the heart of all lovers, but each color says something. Whether it is light pink, yellow rose or white rose. Roses of all colors have their own importance. It is said that red rose is a symbol of love and yellow rose is a symbol of friendship. At the same time, white rose is a symbol of bringing peace to life. That is, on this day, anyone can present a rose flower to their loved ones.

Rose Day is not just expressing her love by giving rose flowers, but on this day a loving couple can also send shayari to their partner. You can tell your partner the condition of your heart with different shayari. Not only this, to make this day even more special, you can send messages through shayari to make your evening very romantic through shayari.

Why is Rose Day celebrated?

The rose flower is considered to be the best symbol to express its feel. Also, according to a belief, during the time of Queen Victoria, people started the tradition of exchanging roses to express their unspeakable feel. In which red rose is considered a symbol of love and passion. Apart from this, other colors have different meanings of rose.

What does rose day mean?
The first day of Love Week, celebrated from 7 February, is called Rose Day. This day is the most beautiful as well as the most exciting day of the week of love, the reason is that people can express their feelings about who they love or want to have a girlfriend or boyfriend.


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