The number of corona virus cases in India has crossed 300. Meanwhile, the Indian Bank Association (IBA) has issued some guidelines with the help of which bank employees and account holders can stay safe from this fast infectious disease. The disease spreads from infected people to other people through one person to healthy people, so apart from keeping personal hygiene, it is very important that we keep a distance from Covid-19 to prevent spread.

To prevent the spread of this disease, the Central and State Governments have asked customers to not travel if it is not very important and try to work from home. So, to prevent the spread of Corona Voice and to allow maximum bank employees to stay at home, the IBA wants people to avoid going to bank branches, as long as it is extremely important. Apart from this, they should use online mode so that physical contact with bank employees is minimized.

In its suggestions for security, the IBA asked the account holders to avoid knowing in the branches of the bank and to do online banking using the facility of internet banking from home. According to the IBA, customers can use mobile bank solutions. Instead of going to bank branches to deposit or transfer money through cash or check, the association has advised that customers can use electronic payment options like RTGS, NEFT etc. In order to avoid direct contact with the person, IBA has urged that people also use digital platforms to take loans.

To prevent the spread of corona virus, the banking association has advised people to use debit cards and credit cards instead of physical currency for payment. If you pay in currency or go to the bank branch for physical banking, then take care of personal hygiene. According to the IBA, you should wash your hands thoroughly with soap for at least 20 seconds before and after.

So, like a responsible citizen, you should follow the safety tips given by the Indian Banks Association to help prevent this fast-spreading corona virus.

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