Corona cases are increasing rapidly in the country. The government is also taking several steps to prevent the corona virus. DBS Bank has announced several initiatives and steps to help customers in the midst of this epidemic. In this connection, the bank has tied up with Bharti AXA and started insurance for DBS Treasures customers. It covers all medical conditions including Kovid-19. In this, a cover of Rs 5000 per day is available for a period of 30 days if you are hospitalized for 10 days.

All the features on the app
Apart from this, all DBS customers can buy those health insurance products which are currently available through the General Insurance Partner on the Digibank app. DBS provides contactless banking to all customers, in which all the work related to their bank gets done on the app and there is no need to visit the bank branch. With few clicks on the app, they can transfer funds, take personal loans or send money abroad. The bank is meeting with its insurance partner from time to time so that online access to products can be improved.

To help Indians (NRIs) living outside the country so that they can take care of their close ones in India during this crisis of corona virus, Bank Emergency Global Medical Assistance Program is offering 24 × medical support. Get 7 access. This includes arranging emergency medical evacuation for NRIs from hospitalization.

ATM is also being proofed
Apart from this, focusing on the health and safety of customers, the bank is adding an anti-microbial coating to all its ATMs and biometric devices. Globally, DBS has stepped up community support initiatives for customers, including Kovid-19 insurance coverage. DBS has taken several digital steps for small and medium scale industries in which companies are fast-tracked to digital transactions. Along with this, steps have also been taken to provide relief to some additional liquidity in which the cash flow needs of SMEs and companies of Singapore are met.

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