AstraZeneca-Oxford becomes the first company to publish the final stage results of the Corona vaccine trial


Paris: Oxford University and AstraZeneca became the first Covid-19 vaccine manufacturers to publish the results of a final-phase clinical trial in a Scientific magazine on Tuesday, crossing a significant hurdle in the global race to produce safe and effective drugs for new corono viruse. A study published in the prestigious Health Related Lancet confirmed that the vaccine is effective in 70 percent of cases on average.

This news comes during the ongoing positive developments regarding the vaccine, which is expected to help with the roll-out of vaccines. Put an end to this pandemic, which put more than 1.5 million people to death in the world. The UK became the first country to begin vaccinations in Western countries on Tuesday, using a rival vaccine developed by Pfizer-BioNotech after being approved for general use last week.

Andrew Pollard, director of the Oxford Vaccine Group, said publication in the Lancet showed that developers were “transparently sharing data”.

He said a series of vaccines would be needed to bring the epidemic to heel, “otherwise we will be in the same position in six months’ time” He told in a press briefing, “It really should not be a competition between developers It might be competing against the virus. ”

The study showed that 62 percent of the efficacy was given when two doses of the vaccine were given, whereas those who were given half the dose first and then a full dose later showed a ratio of 90 percent.

AstraZeneca and Oxford faced questions about their analysis last month – which looked at data from a total of 23,000 people in separate trials with different protocols after releasing an overview of the results. These focused on the small group who were given the first half dose due to a mistake.

Study confirmed that adults over 55 years were not included in this group of 1,367 participants. The authors stated that they provided additional analysis to Lancet peer reviewers, who suggested that better results for the half-dose group were not inferior to other factors of age. But he said that more research would be needed.


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