The new Corona virus Covid 19 has caused havoc worldwide. The World Health Organization (WHO) has declared it an epidemic. Speaking of the last one day, 682 new deaths have occurred due to Kovid 19 infection worldwide. On the same day, most deaths were 368 in Italy, 113 in Iran and 96 in Spain. According to the World Health Organization (WHO) and the Indian Medical Association (IMA), the number of deaths from Kovid 19 in the world has risen to 6,515. There are 3,213 cases in China alone.

According to WHO and IMA, the corona virus infection has spread to all continents except Antarctica. So far 157 countries have arrived in its JD. The number of people infected with this virus spread from China has reached 1.70 lakh. The maximum number of 80,860 cases have been reported in China. Of these, 3213 people have lost their lives. At the same time, 67,752 patients have been recovered. Things are looking better in China than before.

Rapid epidemic in Italy
Corona virus infection cases are the fastest spread in Italy and Iran after China. The situation in both countries is quite bad. In Italy, 24,747 people have been infected so far, out of which 1809 people have lost their lives. In the last one day, Italy had the highest number of 3,590 new cases. Whereas in China this figure was just 14. Italy has the highest mortality rate from corona infection right now.

Iran is the second most affected country after Italy. A total of 13,938 Kovid 19 cases have been reported in Iran. Of these, 724 people have lost their lives. In the last one day, 1209 cases were reported in Iran and 113 people died.

Most affected in these 10 countries

The figure exceeds 100 in India
According to the Union Ministry of Health and Family Welfare, the number of patients infected with the new Coronavirus Kovid 19 in India has crossed 110. 17 of them are foreign nationals. So far only 2 deaths have been confirmed from Corona in India. While 13 patients have been cured. Maharashtra has the highest number of coronavirus cases in India with 33.

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