Corona Virus found in one day old baby, know what precautions should be taken by pregnant women

Coronavirus outbreak, precautions for Pregnant Ladies

Corona virus continues to wreak havoc all over the world. In such a situation, people are adopting all methods of protection against this virus. On the other hand, according to a news from Sky News, 1 day old child has also been found to be corona virus positive. Since being tested positive 30 hours after birth, doctors have been troubled by the fact that pregnant women suffering from corona virus are also at increased risk of getting the virus. Born in Wuhan Children’s Hospital, the child’s mother was also a victim of the corona virus. In such a situation, it is very important for pregnant women to take care of these things to avoid the corona virus.

Increase your immunity

According to a news from Watt to Expect, the immunity of pregnant women remains weak. The corona virus preys on people with low immunity, so pregnant women should include diet in their diet to strengthen their immunity. Along with this, include plenty of nutrients in your diet. Women who eat non vegetarian food should take care that food is not undercooked. Egg, mutton and chicken are cooked and eaten only.

Use of masks if necessary

Pregnant women are also being prohibited from going to the crowded place, as well as being advised not to go to the place with bad air circulation. And if there is a lot of need to go, then apply mask on the face. Applying a mask can make you safer. Apart from this, take special care of hand hygiene and use alcohol based sanitizer as often as possible. Wash hands and feet frequently. Especially after using toilet and before eating food.

Stay away from wild animals

Pregnant women are at higher risk of any kind of infection. In such a situation, more caution is required. Therefore, pregnant women are being advised to stay away from wild animals as the source of corona virus is being considered as animals.


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