More than 9000 people have died and more than 200,000 have been infected by the corona virus that has spread like a pandemic worldwide. China was the most affected. More than 3000 people died here, around 90 thousand people were infected. But China seems to be successful in the fight against this virus. Due to its proximity, the risk of spreading the virus in Singapore was very high. But the Singapore government took drastic steps to deal with Corona.

When the corona virus began to spread outside China, the biggest threat was on Singapore. In December, the virus spread to China and started to reach the middle of February. Singapore was followed by Singapore at the most. Then 80 cases were reported here. The government immediately took strict precautionary measures in view of this danger. After which it was found successful in stopping it to a large extent. A total of 313 cases have been reported in Singapore so far, but there has not been a single death due to this virus. Rather 117 patients have been cured. While 196 is still under treatment. The condition of 14 is stated to be critical. This small country presented this example to the world.

Chinese Traditional Medical System has a history of 351 years and Chinese Traditional Medical Company Thungranthang has proved its special role in the prevention of new corona virus epidemic. Medical experts from Beijing, Jungchau and Hong Kong in China, and Rome, Italy, Canada, Toronto and Singapore, etc. organized a ‘Thungranthang Overseas Epidemic Prevention Expert Team’ via video. At the gathering, Chinese traditional medicine experts recommended traditional medicines for the treatment of new corona virus pneumonia to experts from Italy, Canada and Singapore.

The deputy director of Thungranthang Company, which succeeded Chinese traditional medicines 91% in prevention, said that we will present the Chinese traditional treatment scheme to the world through our 149 forums set up in 28 countries and regions. It is learned that 3200 doctors from the Chinese Traditional Medical Facility participated in the epidemic-prevention campaign in Hupei Province. In Hupei province, the rate of use of Chinese traditional medicines in epidemic prevention was 91 percent. Thungranthang Company has provided traditional medicine to Italy, Canada and Singapore. So far, Chinese traditional medicine and medicines have been promoted in 183 countries and regions. The superiority of Chinese traditional medicine and medicines in treating new corona virus pneumonia has been recognized.

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