Facebook, Twitter and Google services may end in Pakistan, know what is the reason

The government of Pakistan has announced new rules to control social media activities.


Internet giants Facebook, Google and Twitter have warned to suspend their services in Pakistan. The Pakistani government introduced the new censorship rules. In this rule Pakistan has announced new rules to control social media activities and has given all digital companies and social media forums three months time to follow the new rules. According to the new rules, social media companies will have to provide information or data to the investigating agencies if needed. If any provision is not followed, the company will have to pay a penalty of fifty crore rupees.

A news agency was quoted as saying that the Asia Internet Coalition, which includes Facebook, Twitter, Google, Amazon, Apple and other giants, wrote a letter to Prime Minister Imran Khan on 15 February in which they appealed to reform new social media rules. Companies have warned not to provide services in the country in the event of not improving the rules.

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