Iran won’t be able to buy Corona vaccine even after arrival


The Central Bank of Iran has said that US sanctions have barred Iran from paying the amount to purchase the Corona vaccine through the World Health Organization. Bank Governor Abdul Nasir Himmati wrote on Instagram on Monday, ‘Since the corona virus vaccine has to be procured from Kovacs officially through WHO. All our efforts to transfer the necessary funds have so far been hampered by the US government inhumane sanctions and the need to obtain permission from the Foreign Assets Control Office (US Department of Finance). ‘

He said that the International Monetary Fund has refused to give humanitarian loans to Iran because of US pressure and threats. Despite this, Iran is trying to find other means of transferring funds and alternative avenues for obtaining the vaccine. He said, ‘The Ministry of Health is negotiating the issue of purchasing the vaccine from other countries. The news about the development of an indigenous corona virus vaccine is encouraging. ‘ So far, more than 10.51 lakh people have been infected by the epidemic in Iran and 50,594 people have died.

Around 4.35 crore people were freed from corona infection in the world.
On the other hand, while 6.76 crore people in the world have been affected by the global pandemic corona virus, 64.35 percent i.e. 4.35 crore people have been freed from this pandemic, compared to 15.43 lakh people. More people have died. According to the data released by John Hopkins University’s Center for Science and Engineering (CSSE), the Corona virus has infected 6,75,59,804 people and killed 15,43,803 people in 192 countries around the world.

Corona’s worst hit on America More than 14.9 million people have been infected in the United States, the most affected by Corona, while more than 57.14 lakh people have got rid of it and 2,83,658 patients have died. The number of infected in India has been around 97.03 lakhs. At the same time, the number of healthy people has increased to 91.78 lakhs, while the number of dead has increased to 1,40,978 with the death of 385 more patients. The number of people infected with corona in Russia has reached close to 24.67 lakhs and the number of people getting rid of this epidemic has gone up to more than 19.39 lakhs, while 43,122 people have died so far.

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