Not only corona virus fear in people and governments around the world, but now it is terror among terrorists as well. The infamous Islamic State (ISIS), in its latest newspaper published in al-Naba, issued instructions for its terrorists around the world. He has been asked to avoid traveling to countries affected by the corona virus epidemic.

One report states that the Islamic State has also asked its jihadis to wash their hands at all times, even if they wake up at midnight. According to a report in the Daily Mail, ISIS has asked its militants to stay away from sick people, wash their hands and travel to the affected countries.

The terrorist group based in Iraq has asked its followers to believe in Allah. The terrorists have been told that the epidemic is happening for a reason because the disease will only attack those whom Allah has chosen.

So far more than 156000 people have been affected across the world due to the corona virus, while more than 5800 people have died. More than 3100 people have died in China. So far 110 cases of corona have been reported in Iraq, while 9 have died. Iran is the most affected by Corona after China and Italy, so far there have been 12729 cases and 611 people have died.

Since the death of Baghdadi, ISIS is considered to be quite weak. Now the terrorist organization is scared of corona virus.

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