This is not the first time Pakistan has been isolated on the issue of Kashmir in the whole world. But this time it is special that the Organization of Islamic Countries OIC has also left it alone on this issue. Even after trying hard, Imran Khan has been badly duped by the decision not to debate the issue of Kashmir on a platform like OIC.

Let me tell you that it is an organization of 57 Islamic countries. After the United Nations, this organization has the largest number of country members. Any statement from this organization is of great importance to the whole world.

If we talk about the population of the member countries of the Organization of Islamic Cooperation, then according to 2018 it is about 190 crores. If we talk about the GDP of the member countries of the Organization of Islamic Cooperation, then it is about 27,949 billion dollars. This includes Qatar and the United Arab Emirates as the richest countries in the organization. This organization employs over 43 lakh people.

The story of the formation of this organization is very interesting in itself. On August 21, 1969, the 800-year-old Al-Aqs Mosque in Jerusalem was destroyed after being engulfed by a fierce fire. At that time, Mufti Amin al-Hussaini of Jerusalem accused Israel of this. He appealed to all Muslim countries to join a conference. The conference was called for the purpose of reviving Israel and al-Aqs Mosque. 24 Muslim countries participated in this conference held on 25 September 1969. The conference was held in the city of Rabat, Morocco.

In this conference, a proposal to increase cooperation among all Muslim countries was passed. It talked about cooperation in all fields including economic, science, culture and religious. Six months after this conference, a meeting of the foreign ministers of Muslim countries was held in Saudi Arabia in 1970, which was named the Organization of Islamic Conference. In 1972, its name was changed to the Organization of Islamic Cooperation.

The time of 1969-1972 was very special for the formation of this organization. The motive behind its formation was to prioritize the interests of Islamic countries and increase mutual cooperation. Apart from this, the aim of this organization was to increase peace and cooperation in the world with other countries all over the world. The OIC is an organization that also has a permanent delegation and ambassador to the United Nations and the European Union. Its official languages ​​are Arabic, English and French.

The purpose with which OIC was started has also been seen to derail in the last few years due to Pakistan. Pakistan has been continuously working to increase its supremacy in this organization and to provoke other members of the organization for its personal interests. Almost all the governments of Pakistan have done this, But currently it has been tried a lot in Imran Khan government. Whether it is the Citizenship Amendment Act implemented in India or the changes made in Kashmir, Pakistan has been trying to bring these issues through this organization. However, he has not been able to succeed so far.

While creating the logo of this organization, care was taken to reflect both the purpose and vision of the organization. Apart from this, the Kaaba has also been shown to depict Islam. On 5 August 1990, the OIC, along with 45 member countries, accepted the Human Rights Cairo proposal and appealed to all member countries to follow it accordingly. Sharia law was given priority in this. In 2008, the organization made some changes to its charter.

On 28 June 2011, the 38th Foreign Ministers’ Conference of this organization was held in the city of Astana, Kazakhstan. There, the Organization of Islamic Conference was changed after changing its name. Also its logo or symbol was changed. Russia and Thailand have been joining it as an observer of this organization.

In March 2019, the then Foreign Minister Sushma Swaraj also became a part of the inaugural session of this organization. He also addressed the members of the organization. This was the first time any Indian minister was invited to join this organization. This decision of OIC was opposed by Pakistan and refused to join it.

Talking about Pakistan and this organization, let me tell you that under the pressure of Saudi Arabia, the decision not to raise the issue of Kashmir from this platform, Imran Khan has gone so far as to say that he did not miss even a single voice of this organization. Is not. According to Pakistani newspaper The Dawn, on a visit to Malaysia, the emasculated Emraan also said that how long the organization will remain silent on the issue of Kashmir.

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