Pakistan JF-17 fighter jet will not stand in front of Rafale, know how much ‘Potential’ is in it?


Pakistan Air Force included 14 JF-17 Thunder Block-3 fighter jets. These new fighter jets have been built by Pakistan with the help of China itself. These combat aircraft are capable of long-range surveillance, which are also equipped with high-tech systems and modern aerial power. Pakistan Air Force claims that these aircraft have proved effective in retaliating against the Indian Air Force violation of Pakistani air space.

On this, Chinese Ambassador to Pakistan Nong Rong has said, “Pakistan has now acquired the capability to manufacture JF-17 Thunder aircraft and has now joined the special countries of the world making modern fighter jets. JF-17 will prove to be the backbone of Pakistani security. ” This year, India has deployed Rafale planes from France at Ambala airbase near the border of Pakistan and China.

Pakistan JF-17 made with the help of China

Pakistan JF-17 Thunder Fighter Jet, aided by China, is a multi-role aircraft capable of hitting air to air and air to ground. It can also use PF-15 missiles during the attack, which also has an infrared system. The PF-15 missile has a range of 300 km and is considered one of the most advanced missiles in the world. The US objected to the addition of PF-15 missiles to the JF-17 aircraft.

Pakistan Airforce has over 100 JF-17 fighters

JF-17 fighter aircraft have been included in place of Pakistan older aircraft – A-5C, F-7P / PG, Mirage-3 and Mirage-5. At present, Pakistan Air Force has more than 100 JF-17 fighter jets. The JF-17 aircraft can fly at a speed of 1975 kilometers per hour, while the Rafale Fighter Jet can fly at a maximum speed of 2,223 kilometers per hour. India’s Rafale aircraft is capable of carrying more weapons and fuel than Pakistan’s JF-17. JF-17 aircraft do not stand anywhere in front of Rafael Jet even in long range attack in war. Rafael can strike up to 3700 km during an attack, while JF-17 can only go up to 2037 km.

Rafael designed according to India’s needs

France has designed the Rafale fighter aircraft according to India’s needs. It has a length of 15.3 meters and a height of 5.3 meters, and wingspan is only 10.9 meters, making it easy to fly in mountainous areas. India’s Rafale Beyond is equipped with a visual range missile, from which the target aircraft can also be flown. The Rafale aircraft also has an active radar Sikar, which makes it easier to operate the aircraft in any weather. Rafale aircraft also have the capability to carry nuclear weapons. Apart from this, there are some other features of Rafale fighter jet of India ..

Rafael’s strengths

1- Rafael can carry four missiles simultaneously.

2- It can be used in 7 types of missions.

3- It can reach a height of 60 thousand feet in a minute.

4- Fuel capacity of Rafale is 17 thousand kg.

5- It is capable of doing many things simultaneously in every kind of weather.

6- Scalp is equipped with missiles.

7- Able to strike 600 km on land by air.

8- Rafale’s firepower is up to 3700 km.

9 – Anti ship attack is effective.

10- Equipped with nuclear attack capability.

11- Its speed is 2,223 kilometers per hour.

12- Meteor is equipped with missiles.

13- F-16 can kill aircraft from a distance of 13 – 120 km.

14- Close is in air support.

15- Able to carry weights of 15- 24,500 kg.

16- Can fly 16 – 60 hours extra

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