Statement by UN chief, CAA threatens Muslims citizenship

The UN chief said that when a citizenship law is changed, it is absolutely necessary to maintain that no one will have citizenship.


Amid concerns over India’s CAA and the proposed NRC, UN chief Antonio Guterres said that when a citizenship law changes, no ones citizenship get lost to be ensured. Along with this, he said that CAA could lead to the end of citizenship of Muslims. Many Muslims may be devoid of citizenship due to the new citizenship law of India.

When Guterres, who is on a three-day visit to Pakistan, was asked in an interview whether he was concerned about the new laws in India, he said, “I am obvious.” Because this is an area in which the United Nations related unit is more active.

He said, “When a citizenship law is changed, it is very important to take care that nobody’s citizenship is lost”. The Indian government says that the CAA is its internal matter and its purpose is to bring the victims of persecution in neighbouring countries. Minorities have to be protected.

In the context of Kashmir, Guterres said that the two reports of the United Nations High Commissioner on Kashmir have played an important role in clearly describing the developments there and it is necessary that these reports be taken seriously.

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