US President Donald Trump has warned Iran that if it takes any retaliatory action to avenge the death of its top military commander Qasim Sulemani, it will be attacked with the strongest force ever. Additionally, the US has also identified 52 potential targets in this Gulf country. Iran has vowed revenge on Friday after the killing of Major General Suleimani (62) in Baghdad in the US drone attack. Iraq’s Hashd Al Shaabi paramilitary deputy chief is also killed in this attack.

The killing of Suleimani is the most dramatic development that has increased tensions between Iran and the United States. Trump warned Iran on Saturday night that if Iran attacks US military personnel or assets, the US will target 52 locations in Iran, some of which are critical to Iran and Iranian culture.

What did Trump say in the tweet

Trump tweeted, “After we get rid of the world from its terrorist leader, Iran is talking about targeting certain US assets under revenge action … who recently killed an American.” And badly injured many others… not mentioning here that he had recently killed hundreds of Iranian protesters including his The killing of so many people Ure lifetime. He has already attacked our embassy and is preparing to attack other places. Iran is nothing but a problem for many years.

“It should be understood as a warning that if Iran attacked an American or American asset, we would target 52 Iranian sites (as a symbol of the 52 Americans held hostage by Iran many years ago),” Trump said. Some of these places are very high level and important for Iran and Iranian culture and those targets and Iran will be attacked very vigorously in a very fast way. America does not want any more danger. ”

2000 billion dollars spent on military equipment

He said in another tweet, “America has just spent two thousand billion dollars on military equipment. We are the biggest and best in the world. If Iran attacks a US military base or an American, then we will use some of our brand new equipment… without hesitation. ”

War crimes targeting cultural sites

Iran Responding to Trump’s comments, Iranian Foreign Minister Javed Zarif said that targeting cultural sites is a war crime. Zarif tweeted referring to the principles of international law, “Friday’s cowardice attack grossly violated international law. Donald Trump has again threatened to commit such a violation, but targeting cultural sites is a war crime, wherever it is, that America’s presence in West Asia has begun to wane. ”

Sulaimani was the second most powerful person in Iran

Tensions between the US and Iran have increased after Sulaimani was killed in the US drone attack. Sulaimani was considered the second most powerful person in Iran after Ayatollah Ali Khamenei, the supreme leader there. Sulemani’s Quds force (a branch of the Iranian Revolutionary Guards) reported directly to Khamenei and was considered a national hero. Khameni, taking a pledge to avenge the murder of his general, has said that serious revenge is waiting for the criminals behind the attack.


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