A US company has sued the Chinese government for damages of $ 20 trillion. The company alleges that China has spread the virus as a biological weapon. The company has alleged that China has in fact conspired to kill and ill American citizens.

US based Buzz Photos, lawyer Larry Kleiman and Freedom Watch jointly sued the Chinese government, the Chinese Army, the Wuhan Institute of Virology, Wuhan Institute director Xi Zhengli and the Chinese military Major General Chen Wei. A company has claimed that the Chinese administration was preparing a biological weapon, due to which the virus has spread and that is why they have demanded damages of $ 20 trillion. This is more than the total GDP of China. He has alleged that China has in fact conspired to kill and ill American citizens. They allege that the virus was intentionally released by the Wuhan Virology Institute. China has created the coronavirus for mass destruction in the world. The lawsuit states that biological weapons have been banned in 1925.

The US company has also cited several media reports about this, saying that there is only one microbiology lab in China in Wuhan that can deal with state-of-the-art viruses such as Novel Corona. China has hidden its statements about the coronavirus as an excuse for national security protocol. At the same time, WHO chief Tedros Adanom Gabreisus warned that the epidemic is spreading fast and the number of Covid-19 positive cases and deaths from the disease is increasing. The number of positive cases in the world has exceeded 4,00,000 and the number of deaths has crossed 18,000.

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