Can Vitamins And Minerals Protect You From Covid-19 ?


Corona virus infection remains the biggest health related problem of the year 2020. After 10–11 months, the virus is spreading rapidly around the world. On the one hand, scientists and medical researchers are trying to find a cure for this deadly disease, while many people are resorting to natural methods to avoid it.

In many previous research, it has been claimed that common nutrients and vitamins can help in preventing infection of corona virus. However, none of these claims have been confirmed and much remains to be determined in terms of its effectiveness in treating the deadly virus.

Various vitamins and minerals associated with Covid-19

With the introduction of the corona virus, people have begun to pay extra attention to the role of the immune system, with medical experts also urging people to increase their intake of micronutrient supplementation. However, it is not confirmed yet and is yet to be inspected.

Wearing masks and cleaning surfaces with disinfectants, along with maintaining physical distance, are some of the primary measures that can prevent the spread of the virus. Doctors are also constantly encouraging their patients to eat well and keep their immune system strong by taking proper nutrients and vitamins.

Vitamin C and D

Vitamin-C is a powerful antioxidant, which helps in reducing inflammation in the body. It has also been successful in preventing some viral and bacterial infections in the past, hence, is considered important in the treatment of diseases. However, little has been determined about the link with the Covid-19.

According to a review of research published in the new issue of the journal Nutrition, vitamin-C can help prevent covid-19 and reduce inflammatory reactions behind some severe cases of covid-19. However, they do not confirm anything.

Just like that, vitamin D also promotes immunity. According to a review of existing clinical trials for the year 2019, it was claimed that vitamin-D supplements could reduce the severity of acute respiratory tract infection in hospitalized infected patients.

Does zinc also help prevent covid-19?

Zinc is an essential mineral, which helps the body fight harmful bacterial and viral infections. Even though the human body requires zinc to develop and activate T-lymphocytes (which are part of the immune system), there is no convincing evidence against or against the use of zinc for the treatment of covid-19.

To boost your immunity and maintain a strong healthy body, you should keep taking enough vitamins and minerals, but at the same time it is important that you do not become completely dependent on them. Also keep physical distance and other necessary precautions to avoid corona.

Disclaimer: The advice and suggestions mentioned in the article are for general information purposes only and should not be taken as professional medical advice. Always consult your doctor if you have any questions or problems

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