What can result in a phone blast? How can you protect yourself from it?


Mobile handsets were invented to communicate with people using a wireless connection. But sometimes we get the news or see on news page cases of Phone exploding and injuring people at the same time. Phone blasting is a very serious issue and sometimes it can be life threatening too. It may happen that your phone’s health is not as good as it seems. Taking some precautions and knowing the symptoms will help you to avoid this kind of unfortunate events and also it may save your phone. Cradle Fund CEO Mr. Nazrin Hassan died after his phone exploded at home while charging. 

According to the report, two phones were there charging simultaneously just beside his bed, One of them exploded. There are some reports claiming that after the blasting the fire quickly spread through the mattress to the room, resulting in the death of the 45-year-old Mr. Nazrin Hassan. 

There are some indications or we can say symptoms of a mobile phone which can explode at any moment. Noticing this can someone’s life, remember precautions are better than cure and of course. It’s certainly a lot better when it comes to treating burning tissues of the skins caused by the phone blast. Let’s look at some of the noticeable pre-symptoms of phone blast:

  • Phone getting hot frequently – it may happen that your phone is getting too hot very frequently. Do take the handset to the service center as soon as possible. Phones with this condition can explode at any minute. 
  • Fat battery – If you are seeing that your phone can’t hold the charge any longer and the battery is really fat. You may also notice that the back panel of the phone is little curvy. Then you should change it immediately. Condition like this can result in a battery explode. 
  • Charging when the phone is hot or the atmosphere – Make sure whenever you are charging your phone the atmosphere is not so hot. If your phone is hot already, wait till it’s cool down and then charge it. Charging in hot conditions or when a phone is hot can result in an explosion.

If you want to be on the safe side you have to take some precautions like if your phone is turning really hot while charging disconnect the charger immediately. Stop charging phone near the bed or on the bed. Be very cautious where you are going to charge your phone. Never use other chargers, first party charger are always recommended. Avoid swelling batteries; replace it immediately by submitting them to the concerned authorities. Never put a wet phone to charge, as basic physics reminds us that water and electricity are a deadly combination. The most common symptom among the potential dangerous phones is there use even after they show signs of performance issues. Even a little damage can be precarious, which is why the user should fix every detail which seems odd. The saying “prevention is better than cure” could not be more apt in this case.

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