A software engineer based in Pune, Maharashtra bought a nail polish worth Rs 388 from an e-commerce website. But the 25-year-old woman suffered a loss of Rs 92,446 instead. The loss was due to the delay in delivery of nail polish to the company’s customer care number.

According to police, the incident is between 17 and 30 December. A thug-victim woman has lodged an FIR at the Wakad police station in Pune. Police have registered a case against two persons under the relevant sections of the Indian Penal Code and IT Act.

According to the TOI report, the police said, “On December 17, the woman ordered a nail polish vial through an e-commerce website from an app on her mobile phone. For this, he transferred Rs 388 from his bank account to a private bank account. ”

The police officer further stated, “The woman did not receive her luggage on the due date. He then called Customer Care to find out the reason for the delay in arriving at his luggage. On the other hand, the person who picked up the phone said that the product was not delivered to them as the company did not have the money. However, the man asked for her phone number from the woman promising to return the money. ”

Within a few minutes of the phone number given by the woman, through five transactions, deposits of Rs 90,946 were deposited in her two private banks. Police said, “Interestingly, 1500 rupees were also withdrawn from a woman’s government bank account.”

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