This matter was headed by Indian Space Research Organization (ISRO) K.K. Sivan said on Wednesday.

ISRO Vyommitra

ISRO will launch two unmanned missions in December 2020 and June 2021, in view of the launch of India’s first manned spacecraft “Gaganyaan” in December 2021. This matter was headed by Indian Space Research Organization (ISRO) K.K. Sivan said on Wednesday. Addressing the inaugural session of the symposium on ‘Manned Spacecraft and Exploration: Current Challenges and Future Events’, Sivan said that the objective of ‘Gaganyaan’ mission is not only to send India’s first manned space into space, but also to “sustained space human presence”. A new space center is also to be established for ”.

He said, “We are doing all this in three steps. Two unmanned missions in December 2020 and June 2021 and then manned spacecraft in December 2021. “With respect to the new space center, ISRO has started an astronaut training center near Bengaluru to cater to future needs.”

What is ‘vyommitra’?

ISRO will send a woman robot “Vyommitra” in an unmanned Gaganyaan to be sent. The name of this robot has been given as ‘Vyomamitra’ by combining two Sanskrit words ‘Vyom’ (space) and Mitra (friend). This robot was also present in the program. Regarding his role in the mission, Vyommitra said, “I will monitor the parameters of the entire vehicle, alert you and watch the work of life saving system. I can do various things including operating the switch panel… ”

The robot also told that she will be a companion of astronauts in space and will talk to them. She will answer their questions, including identifying the astronauts. Sivan said that the humanoid (robot like human) will work like humans in space and will monitor the operation of life system.

Getting help from NASA and other agencies

The Indian Space Agency is in talks with NASA and other space agencies and enterprises on how they can work together on manned spacecraft and how they can be learned from their experience. ‘Gaganyaan’ will also help in the long-term goal of ISRO’s inter-planetary mission.

How far did the preparations for Gaganyaan reach?

The ISRO chief said that inter-planetary mission is included in the long-term agenda. The space agency on the ‘Gaganyaan’ mission has already developed and demonstrated important technologies such as a 10-ton payload capacity for low orbit operational launcher. He said, “There is only a shortage of elements like human life science and lifesaving system, which we are developing now.”

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Space flight training will start soon

Sivan said that ISRO has made many national laboratories, academic institutes, DRDO laboratories, Indian Air Force, CSIR laboratories a party to the ‘Gaganyaan’ program. The astronauts have been selected from the Air Force test pilots. Sivan said that space flight training in India will begin soon. There will be specific mission related training with the use of many simulators and other equipment.


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