Samajwadi Party MP Azam Khan surrendered in court on Wednesday, including wife Dr Tajin Fatma and son Abdullah Azam. All three have been sent to judicial custody. The court has issued an order to send the three to judicial custody till March 2. The trio reached court after issuing non-bailable warrants in the case of making fake birth certificates.

Let me tell you that in the last assembly election, Abdullah had made a wrong date of birth certificate and put it in the nomination papers. One birth certificate was issued from Rampur and the other from Lucknow. Investigations are going on against them. Attachment warrant was issued against the trio in the same case. The three have been sent to jail after the bail plea was rejected. At the same time, the SP of Rampur has expressed fear of deteriorating law and order. There are many cases going on against the Azam family in Rampur.

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