Janta Curfew has given many important messages along with fighting Coronavirus, which needs to be learned. During the Janta Curfew, only a few vehicles went on the roads, due to which the pollution level came down drastically. The air quality index, which crossed 400 in December, was just 50 last day. Several times a day, it came down to 50. 0–50 is the first category of AQI that is considered the best, while more than 300 are considered extremely poor. However, AQI remains in the normal condition these days.

The AQI was around 80 last week. Which is considered to be moderate. In winter, pollution levels have to be released to the Health Advisory, but AQI declined by about 40 points due to lack of vehicles. This shows how big a reason for increasing vehicular pollution. If people leave private vehicles once a week, how much will the environment benefit.

The Central and South routes are the busiest routes in Chandigarh. They have long queues of vehicles throughout the day. There is a situation of long jams in the peak hours in the morning, but on Sunday, Alam remained somewhat different due to the public curfew. Only two cars were found on the entire route from Housing Board Chowk to Matka Chowk, while one person was seen riding a bicycle. While this middle route is such that in a minute more than thousand vehicles pass by. With no vehicle, the roads were so quiet that different sounds of birds chirping could also be heard.

Air quality index category and pollution status

Category status

0-50 good

50-100 Moderate

100-150 Unhealthy for Sensitive Group

150-200 bad

200-300 much worse

300-500 Extremely Bad

It may rain today and tomorrow

Director of Meteorological Department Surendra Pal Sharma said that the western disturbance is active at this time. Due to this, there are chances of rain in the city on Monday and Tuesday. During this time the maximum temperature of the city is expected to be 29 and the minimum temperature is 16 degrees. He said that the city is expected to be cloudy on Wednesday as well.

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